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December 27, 2012


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peggy gatto

What a wonderful year of camaraderie and inspiration!
Wishing you all good things in the new year!


The sacred ordinary is everywhere, if we quiet our busy selves and take notice. I love that concept...the sacred ordinary...


The ordinary, the extraordinary, heavy or light, weighty or elevating - Life is to be live. 2013 is going to be my LIVING year.

God bless you and your loved ones as this Holy Christmas season continues to Epiphany.


'Bright poetry in thin air'... such a breathtaking beautiful words Rebecca! Enjoy the last week of the year - see you in the new year!

Laura Hegfield

thank you Rebecca for giving us a place to meet and share the sacred ordinary moments that indeed do fill our awareness. may this coming year be one of good health and peace for you and all beings. happy New Year!

Ramesh Sood

I wait for a hug from the New year.. I thank you for such a wonderful place.. would love for your sprinkle of joy on my page..

A Very Happy new Year..



What a wonderful wish! Thank you and thank you for sharing the light which shines so brightly from your heart. Wishing you the splendor of ordinary moments every day of the new year!


Fridays are such fun, aren't they? I love being a part of this group...
nothing ordinary about any of them...
just splendor.
Happy New Year Rebecca ♥xxxoo♥


THANK YOU for this great gift and so many others, Rebecca! Happy Holy-Days ((HUGS))


Happy New Year, Rebecca! I'm enjoying being back on Haiku Fridays and look forward to participating in 2013. In fact, I've got one scheduled for next week already!!


I love you so... Rebecca of my heart. You are no ordinary woman, yet, you make the smallest things, the everyday moments that others might miss, shine with light and love allowing them to unfold into beauty. How grateful I am to you and these poets of small words. All the best for last few days of this year and the new year to come. XOXOXO


Thank you for the gifts of love and peace ~

Happy New Year to everyone ~

Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

thank you for all the sacred ordinary gifts you share with us!
and a happy 4th day of Christmas to you


...bright poetry in thin air ~ wonderful line for a loving haiku and photo is the sacred in the ordinary ~ Nature's gifts ^_^

Thanks for hosting this wonderful site and group of creative poets ~

Happy New Year to you ~ (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

Deb Taylor

this one leaf hanging delicate, so strong

Poet Laundry

oh this image is awesome. I love that "sacred ordinary"...thank you for your wonderful wish Rebecca. A happy and blessed new year to all :-)

Magical Mystical Teacher

In a way, we all hold on to chance. We come, we go, we get blown by winds of change, and sometimes we get to rest in green pastures beside still waters.

How I miss you all! I'm currently in Dublin, Ireland, with only extremely limited Internet access, so blogging and commenting have been put on hold my return to the States on 5 January.

Blessings to all of you in 2013!

Adriana Esqueda

Rebecca, thank you for letting us know of your health issues, for we are to pray for each other. Know that I am with you and in prayer for your recovery.
With love,

Jill K. Berry

Bountiful blessings to you and yours.


my dear Rebecca,
I had this ready...but have been out of pc range for a couple of days. Another year of haiku, looking forward to another year of little words of big beauty.

happy new year,

Ramesh Sood

Rebecca... I am feeling concerned about your health...hope you get well soon and continue to spread joy and happiness through "Haiku My Heart" with renewed energy..all the best...God bless and may all the nature wotk to heal you faster..


Meri @ Meri's Musings

My eyes saw a bright, colorful bird. . .


hoping this morning finds you stronger...sipping a cup of warm tea in front of the amazing cold moon.


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