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November 18, 2012


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{{ it is moi!

only i'm
in san miguel de allente !!


wasn't that just The Best !!

sending out
of Manifestation~~
us all together
in ?????? mexico 2013 }}


ps---loving this line
the idea of it --->

""our feet find a path through
crowded isles of moments""


What joy to find this postcard here. To see and breathe deeply of this bouquet of words and somepinkflowers, right there on the window sill... the prettiest blooms you could ever imagine... such beauty shared, walking together, if for just a moment in time... XOXOXO


Somepinkflowers always blooming somewhere. How fortunate are we??? Love xx


so good to have your return and know you had a wonderful time and this post and photography are so inspiring and loving ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Laurie Zuckerman

Dearest Rebecca, I am soooooo sorry to hear about the loss of your photos, but I am sure you memory has recorded every single detail. If only memories could be shared visually with each other. I know if anyone can describe in words--you can––the beauty that you experienced. I am daydreaming about 2013.

Sue Fox

How I love coming here, this is such a beautiful post, I feel so close to you, you warm my heart with words only you could pen, made complete with images full of soul.

Have not been up to as much posting, not feeling to well over the weekend. x


Hello Rebecca. I'm fascinated by the little wind (chime??) above. Can't make out the material at all. Is it glass? It's so pretty.


how very perfect...postcards of spf to illustrate so very perfectly how I am feeling at this moment.

it is not all about us, but this communal dance

turn turn turn

Mama Zen

I just love this!

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