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November 25, 2012


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Dawn Elliott

I wish I could have been the friend that you called early one morning...sharing stories and dreams...rolling cinnamon scented rosary beads in our stained and humble hands...mmmmm!
Thank you for sharing your recipe...I am anxious to get my hands - and heart - into this magical dough!

Deb Taylor

I will join you
~in the light~
with fond memories of San Miguel
and dreaming of new ones in our future together!!


These rich, dark beads...heavenly scented will join the clove infused oranges in my holiday kitchen.

Remember San Miguel too this day



Rebecca, always such a loving and spiritual post ~ thanks for being you ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


This sounds like a perfect project to do with a certain four year old who loves to make things with his hands! Just one thing though, when does the glue get used. I must be missing something but I reread the directions and don't see when you added the glue. The thought of a cinnamon scented project has me swooning! Thanks for sharing this.


This looks wonderful. I want to make some.
How long does the scent last?

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, do I have some Virgins for you! Just you wait and see! :)

Laurie Zuckerman

What a lovely project. I will have to try this soon. I will also have to photograph some of my Virgins on my own home altars so that I am ready for a Virgin a Day. Can't wait!!!

Hettienne Grobler

oh so beautiful! I will be making these and I will definitely be joining in with a Virgin a Day - I have been counting the days! love and blessings Hettienne


Rebecca! I just love this post. I've made ornaments from this type of "clay" many a time, but never once thought of making rosary beads. I am almost ashamed! Thank you for the lovely idea. I hope you will be doing Virgin A Day again this year?

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I wish you could have called me but as usual I sleep in till about 10:30. I love your recipe for cinnamon beads. I could use some rosary beads about now. I'm not Catholic but somehow I think saying a few (thousand) prayers might get me where I need to go.


Thinking of you this morning, and round cinnamon beads rolling in the palms of our hands... XO

peggy gatto

Magical!!! I am doing this!!!!!!!!!!

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