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November 11, 2012


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This is my prayer every day. And when I can remember, for I do not always, especially to those who do not agree with me, or like me, or who I do not like or agree with, to remember that they are that brand new small bundle of peace... This petition is written in my heart...

Sue Fox

Welcome home dear one, I have missed you so and your welcome words of peace...

Hugs x


Baby LOVE so precious. Hard to feel such joy for everyone. Will try to open my heart and arms wider because I know you are right.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I'm synching my post with yours. . .

deb taylor

my reality for peace comes with a price this day.


Rebecca, this touched me so deep... if we only learned that as a species...


Wonderfully inspiring post ~ so good to have you back ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Andrea thompson

This post is perfect timing as i have been listening to babies and parents in the maternity ward since friday. It brought back lots of memories of having my babies years ago, even though i was there for a different reason this time.


dear precious baby,
as i hold
my mom's
aging hand
i see there
in the wrinkled thinness,
the smooth*skinned,
roundy baby hand
she possessed
for her
own mother
89 years ago



this is exactly what you do, sweet rebecca~~ encircle and create a circle of loved ones, encourage and bring out the pure essence of ourselves through your words, images and beautiful recuerda mi corazon gathering place. i am ever grateful.

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