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November 15, 2012


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peggy gatto

what a lovely picture and words, softly falling!

Ramesh Sood

Beautifully illuminated..
Where I live there is no snow..but my haiku..does have warmth of snow.. I have always looked forward to's very inspiring..



Your words... these soft snow night lights are falling into the palm of my hand... that remembers the curve of your cheek and the sweet melody of your voice, love notes from you to all of us... XOXOXOXO

Anthony North

It's lovely to see, at first.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Falling...calling out, "Holy crap!" Something like that?

Sue Fox

I love snow, reminds me of a lovely blogging snowy winter I shared with you and friends through pics and haiku. x

Laura Hegfield

so true rebecca... silence all around, and delight at the majesty of each tiny jewel as well... sacred and pure. your photo is exquisite! I hope that you will consider sharing an offering for this year's 4th annual gratitude word quilt. You can find information about the project and how to participate at the top of my blog. If you’ve already sent something thank you. The quilt is growing quite expansive and with only first names, I can’t always remember who already shared. Feel free to write in your native language google translate is available on my blog so every one can read and understand one another. Every Blessing~ Laura


This is my first time linking to your lovely website and I'm not sure I got all the linking right. Every visit here is a delight to my senses and a reminder that all things can be holy. Thank you for sharing ....even the snow moments.


Beautiful. I like the snow. We've had one small dusting and our landscape closely resembled the soft edged photo you posted. It melted quickly. I'm not sure what amount of snow and how cold it will be this year here in the upper Midwest, but I will change my weather numerous times, God willing, as we travel to the Southwest a couple of times and to Florida in February.
Wonderful to be here sharing with you and the others. Haiku My Heart brings Peace to my heart.

Much Peace to all.


Peace to you and thanks also for sharing the illuminated snow.


Lovely as usual, Rebecca!


Lovely haiku on nature's gift of snow ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


{{ wellll
there you go!

once again
we write of The Same Subject,

sort of ...

♥ }}


Your haiku is beauty...but I am glad you added the paragraph...almost made me forget I am not fond of snow. Love to you Rebecca♥

Kim Mailhot

I adore that silence..but and willing to wait for it as the Fall releases its crunchy, wind-blow noises to the world.

Sending big love to you, Beautiful, and gratitude, as always, for this space you provide.
Love and light !

Queenie Believe

Beautiful words and imgae. Cherish that moment of silent snow for it is often fleeting.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Yes, I do love that gentle, muffled landscape...captured so beautifully.


deb taylor

this is a gorgeous photo Rebecca! I love your 3-5-3-rhythm

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Your haiku and image inspired me today.


I'm back after an absence of several weeks. Happy to be here and so welcomed by your snowy morning.

Haiku Water

Magical moment when the snow starts to fall; follow the flakes downward and everything stops for an instant


your words, your image falls into my heart, rebecca. thank you for this offering today.


Your words illuminate all of our hearts.


first snow melts before it hits the ground,
though your haiku melts my heart.


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