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November 09, 2012


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Welcome home! And welcome to all who haiku a heart this morning!


Glad to be here once again, what a lovely community this has proven to be. <3


Yes, Love is indeed the answer to any question. Love, and the ideas that come from this thought.
Missed you terribly. Glad you are all back safely and feel wonderful that you have all shared in this fantastic experience.



I missed my time here and so I too am glad you are back! Yes, love must and will touch the heart! I know it has mine!! Again welcome back!!!!!


I missed you Rebecca, glad to see you back and hear your save and sound. We were all waiting for you I guess... you're the core of our circle you know! Love, love and hugs to you dear one!


Welcome back Rebecca ~ am sure you had a wonderful time ~ Love the photo here on HMH and lovely haiku as usual ~ enjoy ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Welcome back - great to "see" you again!


Dearest rebecca
YES Love pierces my heart..was with you
in Mexico and is always.

Dawn Elliott

So glad that you're safely home and full of the magic of San Miguel and Dia de los were sorely missed! I thought of you multiple times each day, marveling in the delight that I knew was yours, knowing that your lucky group was having an awesome experience! Can't wait to hear your tales!


So beautiful! Thank you.


no surprise, really,
naturally we are in sinc
my haiku is about LoVe, too...

our journey
was such a special thing for me

i lack words

i know,
i know
how odd ...

to see your shining face in person
was only part of the treat.


more later
{{ i'm
not even unpacked yet }}


I love you Rebecca, with all my heart...


I too have struggled for put my thoughts to paper, as it were.

But with the love and light so fresh I am here

to be enveloped again

missing our group of soulful travelers



I believe this is the most fantastic Angel I have ever seen! I cannot stop looking at her.
Yessss...Love is the only way! I am happy to hear you had a wonderful trip...♥♥♥

Anthony North

Good to see you back.

peggy gatto

Welcome home!!!

Queenie Believe

Welcome back. This image is wonderful.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Welcome back. Such a beautiful image and haiku.

Laura Hegfield

oh rebecca how beautiful...I hope your journey was deeply was the meditation retreat i just returned from... will you join us this year for the gratitude quilt??? it would be such a blessing to have your words "stitched" in.

Haiku Water

What fierce energy you show, week after week of rampant beauty.

Mama Zen

Welcome home!


welcome home, miss rebecca...xo


Bullseye! A direct hit to pierce my heart. :)


Welcome home. This is a sight for very sore eyes. I am so blessed to have some time to visit and I sorely need to have some haiku for my heart! Bless you.


Rebecca this is just amazing.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Too tired to play. New baby madness has infected me.... if I'm this tired from his birth, imagine what his mommy and daddy are going through.

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