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November 23, 2012


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Your haiku is beautiful - so is Deb's photo!! Hoping your holiday was filled with peace and love!

Anthony North

Tasty words today.


Here is my whipped cream for the day to you, Rebecca, my friend.
I wish peace throughout the season and throughout eternity to all of you here at recuerda mi corazon.

Mitakwe Oyasin


{{ whipped cream on pie
indeed !!

deb's hands
my mom's hands
On My Own Haiku ...

not surprised one bit---->
Eyes may be the Window to the Soul
i know
Hands are the Door to the Heart ... }}


Gratitude, yes! Giving thanks for many things, including the beautiful words I find here every week.


I hope you had a nice and happy thanksgiving... we don't celebrate that holiday in the Netherlands but of course know about it. Love your haiku and Deb's photo!

Kim Mailhot

Beautiful sweet haiku ! I love them so. And I love you so, Rebebcca for your celebration each week of these tiny treasures.
I am grateful you are in my world.


So many beautiful hands...reaching out to each other.
I am grateful for you, for all these wonderful connections

and in the words of spf's
For every damn day!


Laura Hegfield

so beautiful Rebecca... I am grateful for the sun pouring through our windows, for the companionship of our friends gathered round two tables last evening, to have both of my daughters home, for all of the amazing souls who participated in the gratitude quilt this year because so me this is evidence that there is an abundance of love in this world... likely far more genuine love, kindness, compassion and gratitude than anything else:-) Thank YOU for all you do to create a sacred space for sharing and connecting here on your blog.


Oh what delicious delight in deb's hands and from your fingertips... words more tasty and sweet than any desert! I love what spf said, hands are the door to the heart... Love you so my sweet Rebecca, and so grateful for our haiku circle all days of the year... XOXOXO


May the grace stay intact on all and always :)
Lovely photo idea !

Ramesh Sood

Love these gems Rebecca.. hearts glitter here in this space and that makes it so very worthwhile to come here every Friday..this week it's a chain of haiku dedicated to my wife but speaks about all the strong women in the world...hope you will like..

Ramesh Sood

Sue Fox

A slice of pie with whipped cream served up on the table of belonging, yummy, who could ask for more? Everso grateful. :~)xxx

deb taylor

gotta HAND it to you.....and Bonnie many hands full of love, joy and gratitude.
I treasure holding you here every sacred Fiiday

Andrea thompson

I am feeling grateful and calm, but then this shopping thing starts to change my mood from calm to rushed... Even doing it online!

Deb Taylor

I have returned here
another handful of love
just can't get enough

peggy gatto

Grateful for you and my friends here!


dearest rebecca you are a blessing to us all. Thank you for everything you do to make our lives more beautiful.

Helen Campbell

Beautiful haiku, and wonderful prose about gratitude. You are just what I need today! Thank you!


Friday nourishment - words and images and lots of heart! Thank you.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Can you imagine gratitude sliding away like butter off a hot knife? Oh, no!!!


Lovely post and belated Happy Thanksgiving ~ Am grateful for 'all' ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

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