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November 29, 2012


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Happy Friday from the East Coast!

Poet Laundry

Wonderfully wise advice Rebecca. What a great reminder and wonderful haiku.


Loved and lost...the subject of my latest haiku. Amazing how things sync. I wrote my haiku a few days ago, was hesitant to post it here, but when I visited your blog, I knew it was time. I will dance on murdered dreams, in hope that I can resurrect them!
Thank you for being here in the blogsphere.


I wrote of dreaming and being awake and not knowing which is true... of angels, if I were one, I would be fallen, I think... Forgiveness... I would first need to forgive my self... maybe as I dance, I can shine some light through the dark cracks of this me who fights fiercely each and every day for love... XO

Sue Fox

My dear Rebecca, I recently posted about Susan Jeffers who sadly passed away in October, she was a bright light in my life, she talked about the exquisite moments! When I come here to your words I know exactly what she meant, your words are few but exquisite, that is how I would describe them ~ my shining star. :~)xxx

Will return with haiku later.


Yes, love, forgiveness, and these lead us to calmer water and a peaceful way of living. On and on we go, all from a simple Haiku.
I'm leaving today and will be on the road. To take a road trip is a dream come true for me. I will be in my glory and remember the path that got me here and the chance to express that here with this wonderful circle.


Laura Hegfield

yes, yes, YES! it is true, opening our hearts to possibility, with love, and compassion for ourselves and all beings is the surest path to dream fulfillment Rebecca.


"Say yes to love" YES, always yes. What a beautiful post today. Thank you !

Dawn Elliott

Bright love is what we're here for, no? And yes, we have all felt the pain of lost love and unfullfilled dreams...but always, we have another chance to live, love, forgive. You say it so beautifully, yet again.


Wise words and a beautiful haiku Rebecca - as always! Light and love to you dear!


revivng old dreams and bringing them back to life is what you inspire in me.

Anthony North

Love that last line.

Andrea thompson

I think your haiku can mean many different things to each of us, but it always touches us, and speaks to us alone!


Your haiku and words warm my heart. Thank you for your wise and wonderful words every week!

peggy gatto

How beautiful and wise!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Deaf ears? I know them well, all too well.


All of life in one photo and brief words ~ such an 'enlightened' woman ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^




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