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November 12, 2012


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such a lovely posting, dear one...
all the more so
after having tasted san miguel's charms
with you ...

i do look forward to visiting
during spring & holy week
with flowers blooming
it will not Be in 2013 ...

may you make this joyful journey
after year
after year ...

already i grow envious
of those fortunate few
who will Be traveling
with you !!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I've been away from the computer for four days, but I see that you are posting photos from the trip. Keep them coming and put me on the e-mail list for March. It's probably just a dream, but a nice one.


This is so beautiful Rebecca,

Roz Fleetwood

From our first-day visit to Anado's mosaicked wonderland, to our last breakfast together at Casa Carmen, the San Miguel experience with you was surreal. It was so fulfilling to contribute to the sweet ladies of Las Rancheritas and to be among the dia de las muertos procession in Pozos. Our path in San Miguel was one less beaten, but certainly the one to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you, dear Rebecca, for this amazing experience and for being you!


I can the magical qualities of San Miguel...and the magic of Rebecca, the patron saint of folkart travel.

She will lead you in spirit to uncover the sacred all around. If you are able, if you choose to give yourself to this place in Rebecca's willing hands you will not regret.

I promise



One of the most significant and meaningful trips of my life... following in Rebecca's footsteps, resting in the love that flows from her and all the people you will meet along the way... San Miguel de Allende is a very special place on this beautiful earth, you will find a journey of the heart and all the senses when you embark upon this journey!

peggy gatto

a feast for the eyes!

Hettienne Grobler

I will be in India in March 2013 but I will be joining you some time in the future - it is high on my wish list!!

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