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October 07, 2012


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Rebecca ~ absolutely magnificent post ~ so poetical and loving ~ wishing you whatever you wish for your self ~ (A Creative Harbor)


Stunning writing, Rebecca...

Forest Dream Weaver

Exquisitely beautiful words.
And the marigolds,the colour tingles through my body. This is certainly the stuff of transformation and magic.

Thank you Rebecca!


Absolutely beautifully written. Yes, I did hear my sons voice yesterday and it did fill me with "a million particles of love."
Thank you for that. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Lot's of emotions have been running high with me this week, but it is a good thing. You are such a talented writer Rebecca, Have a great Sunday!


We saved my mother's phone message. It is music to me....


I just read Gemma's comment...I would dial my dad's cell phone to listen to his recorded voice until his wife disconnected was so comforting.

Margaret Lambert

A lovely tribute to remembrance.


"so perfectly round, before becoming nothing then so suddenly becoming all"
to celebrate the return, the remembering, the cyclical nature of our momentary lives within the largeness of life.. my post is a small cheat as i have linked you to past rememberings, but yearly tradition, and today we are back to the graveyard again to tidy our souls as well as where their bodies lie, to honour their life and to know our own which leads inevitably to theirs once again.


Rebecca, I opened the door a tiny crack today... and I must say that through the tears... it feels really good and really right... I can not thank you enough for this invitation of love. XOXOXO


this is so beautiful Rebecca. I can feel your energy from here... I still cannot find the words for my post, I have my beloved lost ones so tucked in in my heart.

Laurie Zuckerman

Hi Rebecca, oh you have a wonderful new topic for Sundays. The art of remembering. My absolute favorite topic to explore in my altar and memory jug creations. Here are a few of the installation shots of my altar about remembering my father's family, now on display at the Longmont Museum, alongside Stephanie's marvelous butterfly dresses.

Caya Papaya

This is so beautifully written- evocative of so many emotions and memories. I have been thinking often of my grandmother- finding ways to summon her strength. I carry her with me always.


"a soul ballet"... such exquisite expression. Lately I have been considering loss of the personal sense and where our personal voice reside when we feel we have lost it temporarily. And also considering loss of loved ones... autumn reflections of all sorts these days. ((HUGS))

Lisa JonesMoore

Oh-so beautiful words Rebecca...thank you!

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