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October 14, 2012


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Absolutely wonderful post and photos are excellent ~ such endearing memories and as always so well expressed ~ (A Creative Harbor)


{{ what a dear tribute
to your sarah jane ...
i feel i knew her, too,
your fond words.

isn't life grand!

every morning
i fall in love all over again
with the possibilities
open for the new day!

i just know
you do the same thing! }}


Truly, positively beautiful remembrance!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

You fill my cup runneth over. Your remembrances are steadfast and true. God bless your full heart.

peggy gatto

Oh so many memories come pouring out, so lovely to read while I am drawn into each one. I have memories and so often I scurry through life with out taking time to enjoy the memory, really take time to go back and explore and write words to keep.......
Thank you!

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Wow. A very profound, wow. If there ever was such a thing.
Such a powerful piece of writing that is so full of the softness of love and warmth and magical memories.
A beautiful tribute!


What a beautiful piece of writing, Rebecca...


What wonderful gifts sarah jane gave you.


Such a beautiful tribute. Wonderful writing and very heartfelt. Thank you for that.


I am so glad for this window into the Sarah Jane of your heart... to know you through this memory, this life sustaining wellspring that gives now to all of us, all these years later... Rebecca, I am just barely beginning, over and over again, to see how precious this remembering is... thank you. XO


What a beautiful post. Thank you for hosting this meme. I wrote my first remembrance today.


as usual Rebecca, you manage to bring tears to my eyes.


Memories warm you soul, feed ours, succinct snapshot lending a piece of your heart to ours, endearing us too, to our Sarah Jane. Blessings. L

Sue Fox

I have been away my love, not up for much blogging just now, maybe later, but to pause on your words again, remembering, fills me with gratitude for your presence in my life. x


Beautiful tribute to Sara Jane and wonderful memories you have. I read every word and devoured every photo. Thanks for this pleasure.


These memories of both personal and universal stories are creating such beautiful bonds.

Your Sara Jane, I feel the warmth of these summer mornings so strongly from your loving descriptions!


Poet Laundry

This is so gorgeous Rebecca, from start to finish. A beautiful, riveting read on so many levels. So much poetry in it. Love it.


Lovely writing and pictures, Rebecca. So fitting that your photos are in B&W. Thanks for posting this. x0 N2

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