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October 24, 2012


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She's quite lovely in the color purple!


I wonder... if I take her hands in mine, and begin to twirl... if she will dance with me? I hope so, because I will dance this life of love! Thank you for giving her yet another chance to love and be loved! XO

Adriana Esqueda

She's a beauty in her bonnet.

Queenie Believe

A beautiful reminder to love at every opportunity!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Fran aka Redondowriter

Magnificent. When do you leave on the trip?

peggy gatto

I have always wanted to dance on a table.....until we met a couple on on cruise last month. She had a cane and sometimes her husband pushed her in a wheel chair on on tips to shore. She was a delight!!!
She broke her hip when she feel from the table she was dancing on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, maybe I'll just dance thru life on the ground!

Magical Mystical Teacher

"If wishes were horses," says Mother Goose, "then beggars would ride."


wow, I have to say she gave me a bit of goosebumps

Kim Mailhot

She is magnificent ! And so are you, Talented One !
Much love and dancing...


She is amazing! I love her Little House bonnet. I think she does dance. She just waits until we turn our heads. :) Here's to taking every opportunity to enjoy life! xox


This forst photo is spectacular.

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