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October 08, 2012


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I also did one yesterday, not realizing that it was a Remembrance themed day - I'll know for next Sunday!


May your day be filled with happiness and well being.

Adriana Esqueda

A true work of artistic hands.


Stunning.So beautiful Rebecca and LOVE that she's a bird head.


Such is seeing with the eyes of the heart... beautiful Rebecca! XOXOXO

Caya Papaya

I just love this piece! I feel like I need to recreate it on my now bald head- especially with that sweet little bird:-)


Ah, those eyes! lol love it.


Rebecca, this is so lovely and joyful! I hope to have some time to post some calacas of my own. :) xox Pam

peggy gatto

I am a bit behind!!!
Love your skull!!!!
I have a few to add to tomorrow's fiesta!!!

Hettienne Grobler

I have been so busy with other commitments that I have not had time to visit or play along and what a lovely surprise I found today when I visited!! such beauty and wisdom!! and wonderful to meet other beautiful blogs and inspiring people!! hoping to play along. blessings Hettienne

Forest Dream Weaver

I love it,and how true!

Have a lovely day,

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