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October 05, 2012


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Kim Mailhot

Haiku and la calaca love are a perfect match !
Viva La Vida, Beautiful ! Enjoy the dance!


Had to wake up my Haiku mind this morning - it's been awhile!


good good I greet myself :) I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude from last night!!


Dawn Elliott

I loved the surprise of your condensed haiku today...I want to try that someday soon! Your gorgeous pictures took me back to Mexico, making me long to travel with you again for Dia de los Muertos. Such lovely memories...


Today I share the colors of my dreams - enjoying this community!

Anthony North

They do indeed. Nice one.


love 3-5-3
haiku my heart
la calaca


A beautifully succinct haiku!


To life, to embracing the dark and the light, to living, in the fullest, with all our hearts... to this rich banquet that you prepare for us here, lovers of small words... XOXOXO

Adriana Esqueda

Love the flowers in the colorful paint cans. They bring back memories of my childhood.
Adriana :)

peggy gatto

well, well, she is here, our new grand daughter and what a sweet heart!!!!!!
Come by and meet Clara!
We are in LA, CA to see our first grand baby!! 10/2/12


Oh darn, now I wish I had included a Haiku. :) Happy weekend. Very nice.


Pausing thoughtfully and remembering, I woke up the other morning flooded with many good memories,remembering is good! :-) thank you Rebecca have a great weekend!

Laura Hegfield

beautiful as always dear off to pick up me dear niece Rebecca...and my daughter Belin too... joyous weekend with our college freshman!


Sending you lots of love hugs ~ wonderful post and thanks so much for hosting this haiku my heart ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Recuerda Mi Corazon is one of the most welcoming places on the Web...

Caya Papaya

I forgot about the Haiku - maybe next time:-)


i just knew
it was stephanie,
{{ shoes tell all }}


small flowers like
small birds like
small words are
my favorite



The photo of the flowers in those cans (is that the right word?) is just amazine!!! Happy, sunny Sunday Rebecca!

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