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September 12, 2012


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Those yellows and dark reds are just gorgeous! I love the feeling at this time of year, a kind of excitement mixed with melancholy.
The seedheads are Honesty. It grows very easily and you get white and purple-an amazing magenta purple. If you email me your address I can send you some seeds if you like. I think the latin name is Lunaria-from the seedheads looking like the moon.


am loving whats on your easel!!!

my mi corazon sunflowers are being gently soaked with long wished for rain.


Stunning Rebecca. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


rebecca this is stunning. paint, paint, paint, your painting are beautiful.


I've had this post on my desktop all day... and finally a moment to say... that I love these sunflowers and that they are growing on your easel... it is so wonderful to move into that time out of time to create... thank you for sharing these burst of light and joy with us today! XO


What's gorgeous is what's on your easel!!! The texture of the sunflowers is like touching deep velvet! Wonderful!


oh rebecca! it's breathtaking!!!


Such talent...and I adore the colors!

Sue Fox

Sunflowers on canvas a perfect farewell to summer, may they brighten your heart through autumn and beyond...........x

Fran aka Redondowriter

Your work in progress is wonderful and the photos are amazing. I feel like I can reach out and touch them.

If I could see that painting on my wall every morning, I wouldn't have any bad days!


Oh, this makes the heart sing, Rebecca... Your creative talents grow & bloom... So glad you share the petals with us! :o) ((HUGS))

deb taylor

oh my...~GASP~
mouth dropped open
hand to heart
This. Is. Stunning.

Silky Hart

So gorgeous -- as your are! You've inspired me to get out my paint brush! xoxoxo


What's on you easel is love!!
Thinking of you so much. Would love to hear your voice.

Karen Gerstenberger

I love it. It is so tempting to buy that try painting again, after so many years away. I am listening...

Hettienne Grobler

I just saw this post - an incredibly beautiful painting and yes, we have a giant within! may we always stand on his/her shoulders!

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