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September 23, 2012


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Kim Mailhot

Oh, this post made me take deep breaths of contentment and understanding. Autumn is my favorite time (perhaps because I was born in this season ?). And the light is one of the things that touches me the most.
Big love to you, Magnificent Heart.
Happy Sunday !


There does indeed seem to be a the light, in the this autumnal equinox.

always enjoy the light of these leaves against the clear blue


to the thankful brim
i am filled with Your Light
which i so needed,

also dear Wordsmith,
line alone lifted me--->

""as if the sky could spoon the earth""

plum lifted my spirits
which are immersed
in Bathroom reconstruction*mode ...

so much
i would rather B dancing at the beach!

another recess approaches!

{ thank goddess for the light }}


Whenever I am alone in the trees I live can in the moment easier. LOVE it!
LOVE you!


wow Rebecca this is amazing. Beautiful contrast of shade and light.

Laurie Zuckerman

I have such mixed feelings about autumn. After a summer relishing in the garden's colorful profusion, it is now time to retreat inside the house and work on altars for two Day of the Dead exhibitions. My studio is in a cool basement where the light is already thin and needs bolstering from the overhead fluorescents. I reluctantly replace the wonderland of the outdoors with the glory of creating altars in my "woman cave." The best of both worlds.


Fantastic photography as always and love Mary Oliver's poetry ~ great choice ~ Happy Equinox to you ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Somehow I think being open is the key to all...

Andrea thompson

Those words really touched me, i feel close to tears reading them! Thank you!


I think we all look forward to being inside working on our shrines during this time of year. Everyone is sounding somewhat happier, more relaxed, just joyous. Life awaits. Beautiful post Rebecca.

Dawn Elliott

The magic of the trees envelopes me, as well. Such a beautiful fall musing...makes me want to take a leisurely hike today!


I have come here all week to soak in Mary's and your words... I love the line you use, "if the sky could spoon the earth..." the leaves from the maples that line the West side of my home are all falling... I pick them up and wonder at the colors and earth browns... I wonder at the these cycles felt in the cells of my body... in this simple but profound way... XO


Autumn greetings and blessings to you, Rebecca! Love all the light here... you have a special way of finding it with your camera and heart. :o) Great to catch up with you! I've been offline a few days having some fun, just now surfacing! Happy Days ((HUGS))

peggy gatto

I have been absent for a few weeks and happy to be back for haiku my heart!

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