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September 16, 2012


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deb taylor

Oh Rebecca,

this is such a beautiful Meme.
A lovely tribute to those gone before us.
I will be here.


Rebecca, thank you so much for inviting me for this beautiful act of love. I sure will participate... when I read your comment, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I don't know why, but in my heart it felt right and powerful.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Remembering is such human work, and divine as well.

Sue Fox

I had almost forgotten about this, what a year! But hey will get my thinking cap on for October, not to miss this act of remembrance, honouring our traditions! x


As Magical Mystical Teachersaid remembering is human as well as Divine. Rebecca Thank you for honoring our memories they are sacred. LOVE you xxx

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

This is so special to me. I can hardly wait to begin.


What a beautiful collection of heartfelt expression.

I feel blessed to have my art to express my grief with my fathers carry him with me in those sudden moments of remembrance.



Rebecca ~ time difference from Ma to there has caused tardiness for me ~ Definitely want to participate in October ~ Thanks for including my memories on this post ~ it is divine to read what others have said ~ Very special group ~ thanks to you ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)
Thanks for 'coming by' and reminding me ~ ^_^ and your lovely comments on my post ~ ^_^


This is such a special, gentle offering, Rebecca... so beautiful, I'm almost speechless for tears. ((HUGS))

Helen Campbell

Beautiful, Rebecca! It's good to remember, especially this week as we travel to my Uncle's memorial service. Thank you for including my memories of Grandma Rose.


Hi Rebecca, I've added my link and will try very hard to do all Sundays. Beautiful post as always.

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