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September 09, 2012


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and oh my dear how the monarch and all it's myth, lore and magic has me in it's grip.



Honoring this post I will share a Monarch postcard this week as well.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz, California has a monarch migratory way station. I stood underneath the trees and looked up at millions of wings fluttering. It was amazing.


Our Monarchs all seem to have left us for the year......must be on their way to you. I can't even imagine their journey. Their arrival must be an amazing sight. One was left behind in our garden. I have gently scooped it up to cherish.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Viva la mariposa!


Wonderful, magical and loving post ~ Wow ~ Beautiful photography! ~ (A Creative Harbor)


Rebecca this is phenomenally beautiful and such a tribute and a clarion call to take action to protect and continue this beloved species. The butterfly was the totem for our cohort when I was at Pacifica. It is the essential archetype for transformation, and in Greek mythology, as you well know, Psyche(soul) is always represented in the form of a butterfly. I don't have a garden but I wholeheartedly support your efforts and will pass this on. We have monarchs that visit Santa Barbara once a year in droves and hang from the trees like leaves during their migration. We go to the woods to see them. It is quite beautiful and they are very much a part of our lives here.

deb taylor

I have so much to say about this right now....but I can hardly see thru my tears of JOY...come see why!!


what a beautiful journey Rebecca.


My best friend and neighbor grows milk weed in her garden for just this very reason... it is time for me to plant some... and I will with the seeds of inspiration that you, sweet eb, and lovey somepinkflowers have gifted us with... I have been very close to this place in Michoacan... and in San Juan Capistrano... but have never seen this wonder... I hope it is there still one day, for me and others to be amazed by...

Fran aka Redondowriter

What an inspiring post with words and images of butterflies, flowers and mystical art. Thanks, as always, for hosting us.


Indeed, viva la mariposa!! This celebrations brings tears to my heart, gladness in my heart...thank you, Rebecca :o) ((HUGS))


this is beautiful, i especially love "be dream play" and the wispy photos by those words...

Andrea thompson

I didn't see this when you posted it but that same day i was admiring these same butterflies... I got a lovely video of one to add to one of my next art videos! Beautiful post!

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