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September 07, 2012


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It's good to be reminded that we are all here to make a difference and to share our benevolence and unique talents with the world. Beautifully said!
I also love how all images lead to Mexico!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Can't I have more than eleven syllables of love? :)


Thank you for your measureless love dear Rebecca, sending love right back your way!


I'm on the road and not prepared, (or taking the time), to write Haiku today. My heart is with you, sweet Rebecca, and those two wonderful good-lookin' gals having birthdays today. Peace to all every day!

Sue Fox

I'm traveling to the coast soon but had to leave you a parting message of love and all things joyful - viva la vida! x


""i vow to live each moment fully ...""

part of my morning prayer
my oh my
you do live that way



Wow! my heart has been haiku'd once again
...just thinking about every moment...
enhale ahhhh
love you.

Anthony North

Every moment a new birth - nice one.


kisses and hugs to you for this wonderful birthday party!!

AND, my birthday sister and kindred soul!


Thank you Rebecca, for all the vida we find here, and in our lives, and for linking to Steph and Meri. Such joy to celebrate, this new life in each moment! XO

peggy gatto

total joy this morning, thank you!

Poet Laundry

A beautiful, hopeful haiku Rebecca. Love it!


"a new birth waiting to be named", Joy what a beautiful name. May your week be filled with joy and hope!


I have posted a haibun (haiku and prose) with my touch of living my life. Hope you enjoy this entry.


red crayoned tiles -- red plastic shovel : synchronicity

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I'm honored!


Thanks for 'being you' With your magical words and photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Andrea thompson

I always feel the love when i stop by! Thank you so much!


Glorious argument for always erring on the side of life.


perfect. Absolutely perfect Rebecca.


To dance passionately on the tables of life...I love that!!!


It's my first time linking; Deb mentioned it to me a while back so I'm linking one from then and would like to continue to do so. Thanks for hosting, haikus are wonderful!

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