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September 28, 2012


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Mark M. Redfearn

Who will teach me the flower's ways?

Laura Hegfield

deep and beautiful wisdom dear rebecca...thank you.


Just the inspiration I needed today! Thank you so very much!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Andrea thompson

Wonderful inspiration, your photos always glow with so much light and love! You are the light as well!


Wise words Rebecca... and yes, fiercely I wil soldier on, embracing everything I may encounter! Enjoy your weekend!

Dawn Elliott

I try to remember to be the (beautiful) flower, as daily challenges arise... Thank you for your poignant reminder, as we head into this most glorious autumn season.

Anthony North

One step at a time is the key.


Dear sweet Rebecca... You wrote..."the truth is no one knows."
I must tell you that I might have a slight edge in this department, or at least an inclination towards knowing, using the past years experiences as a gauge.
As I mend from the latest debacle, I still can feel see hear and taste the seasonal changes and will dance in my heart, keeping this lesson in mind. As I get ready for Los Dias de Los Muertos here in our own home, I am so sad to have to miss this adventure. Can I count on you and the others to savor those moments in San Miguel for Mrs. Spadoman and myself? I knew I could count on you and the others.
Yopur Haiku today is good advice and will be taken as a gospel.

Peace to you and all you hold dear.


Once again... the synchronicities of what I find as I step into this holy friday space, this precious moment of eternity, right here in the glow of what stirs our hearts... how grateful I am for you Rebecca and the others I have met in this ever rippling circle of what matters, this beauty light of our souls... XO

Kim Mailhot

Today, we dance and love and haiku.
I am so grateful for this day.
I am grateful for you, Beautiful Heart !

Sue Fox

Just wait for me to get my dancing shoes on, I will be with you presently, petal.....:~)xxx

Poet Laundry

Lovely and full of light Rebecca! So loved it.


This is great, takes the pressure off, "live from your whole heart" yet "one step at a time"

I really like that! :-) May your weekend be filled with light!

Queenie Believe

A beautiful reminder!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Mama Zen

I find this so peaceful.


This is lovely. What inspiration - the words of encouragement and enlightenment as the photo capturing the light on the flower - soaking it in.

Forest Dream Weaver

It's always a joy to visit your beautiful blog.
I love your photos!

Wishing you a Happy Weekend!


this is poetry in image.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Your photography is splendid. I love the light shining thru the petal of the sunflower.


The perfect haiku for my day my month my summer, I am poking around as i have a rare moment. I am hoping you are doing your Sunday Oct Los Dias event (it has crossed my mind several times this last couple weeks that i must check). I visit my own site to see that it is still there LOL and how i can work it in now that pressures are easing & i find your sweet and generous note. I have had unexpected responsibilities in my extended family that left little room for else beyond my own dear ones at home and their precocious lives, somethings had to give, thus our blog hiatus though i peeked round rare time to time. Sometimes life calls us to gather rose petals but gives us little time in the garden. I hope to extend my rhythm again, perhaps only once a month perhaps every 2nd week.. we will see what works, but i should slide back in time for October 2 days away? It is so soothing to find you all still sailing smoothly. xxxx L


Beautiful post... Thank you!


What gorgeous flowers. love the post too. ;-)


I have shared another haiku for Haiku My Heart. Enjoy the fun and the read.

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