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September 14, 2012


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The Summer winding down... I too had that idea in mind writing my haiku! Thanks again for making my Friday a happy day on which I feel extra loved from all of you!


Oooo...this sizzles & tingles... Lusciously wonderful, Rebecca! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Sue Fox

My seed has flowered one more year in your garden haiku............:~)XXX


Simply breathtaking!!! And the words so very descriptive! Wishing you a grand weekend!! Cathy

Magical Mystical Teacher

Dusting of romance...or pollen? :)

Laura Hegfield

exquisite...I can taste the sweet golden honey forthcoming dear Rebecca!


Turned me on with that lusty last blast of summer. Loved every word, and the photos were perfect. You must have trained bees in your yard to get them to stand still during the photography session.

Much Peace


Which do I crave more...your photos?
your poetry?
Or the way you weave them together?
I feel like I've just been kissed♥

Dawn Elliott

I love the thought of the honeybees having hot sex all summer! And the...languid arms of so beautifully true. I'm blown away today...mmmmmmmm!

Bees have hot sex? Maybe that's where 'hot wax' comes from! gorgeous write


Your art work is divine ~ Wow! ~ not a fan of 'flowers' but love your artwork ~ thanks for hosting ~ (A Creative Harbor)

deb taylor

you, my dear Rebecca, cause me to go weak in the knees. ~I am dripping with desire!~

Anthony North

Now that is passionate nature.


Omigosh! Hot sex in bowls of pollen. I'll never look at my neighbor's sunflower filled yard in the same way ever again. LOL


Lovely poem for the end of sultry summer.


Gardens are quiet hot sex and therefore hotter


To step into this lush, juice filled passion of embracing the last of summer's arms... I say yes, yes, yes to it all...


that photo is just like sunshine is my heart.

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