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September 05, 2012


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Fran aka Redondowriter

What a great post, Rebecca. I'll take a deep look when I have more time.

Queenie Believe

Wow these are beautiful makeup photos. What fun you and your group will have gettingyour La Catrina on, enjoy!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Just amazing. wow. Beautiful folk art, facial painting... amazing.

Hettienne Grobler

Oh enjoy enjoy enjoy on behalf of all of us who cannot attend! Here the idea of The Day of the Dead is totally unheard of and when I wear my turquoise skull earrings, you see people scatter! As soon as I have had enough of travelling to India, I will join you in Mexico. love to you


Exquisite works of art, temporary though they may be. Wishing you well! Cathy

Andrea thompson

We dont have any celebrations here either but it looks like so much fun!

deb taylor

oh how I want to go away with you again someday!


Fantastic post ~ very creative ~ (A Creative Harbor)


Wonderful examples!!! wow, the last one has such amazing detail...we are going to be GORGEOUS!


Meri @ Meri's Musings

I have fond memories of Stephanie painting Deb's face.


what stephanie

{{ as deb is not going,
mayhap, sweet steph,
dear you,
can paint mine ... }}

beautiful make-up masks in these amaze me at all that you do and participate in....


So beautiful...very evocative of Mexico.

Kim Mailhot

So beautiful and detailed ! Unbelievable !

Thank you for the Catrina show !
Love and light to you, Beautiful !

peggy gatto

So beautiful!


Awesome memories...
Wishing I could be with you as you celebrate Dia De Los Muertos in San Miguel again this year!!!


This was such a surprise and so much fun! I want to do my face this way this coming Halloween! Thank you so much Rebecca! And, I will be celebrating this day with all of you, from here! Some day Rebecca... I too see you stepping into my labyrinth, I truly do... I can hardly wait... XOXO


What a VERY special, beautiful art... stunning to see! Just a little while until Dia De Los Muertos--fun to look forward to. :o) Happy Weekend, Rebecca... Oh, I'm hosting a stop by, if you can. Happy Days ((HUGS))


Outrageous artistry!


a great collection of some beautiful would love to see this celebration in person one day. it looks powerful, life affirming and beautiful.

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