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August 05, 2012


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love your songs and images of dawn....


Love how you've captured the soft early early morning and the raven's look of questioning.

hope you enjoy a beautiful Sunday



Such a magnificent "recreation story" rebecca. Before dawn when one can neither make out a shape nor cast a shadow in is a starlit sacred time. The raven is he who divides the darkness from the light, air and clouds, gravity from the longing to be set free in love and grace. Beautiful images and a wonderful message of hope. Thank you.


What an inspiration it is to read this today. Thanks, Rebecca.

gayle hajek

It is so good for me to come
always seem to fil my heart just a little fuller. Thank you Doctor Rebecca.


From the full moon... to that full sunflower, with raven illuminating what lies beneath sleeping shadows, I find myself waking with your words and images... embracing this new day... XO


{{ i feel my Totems
i visit you,
dear one...

what*ever could it mean? }}

Christine L. Villa

I really love your beautiful words. It's very uplifting.

"i wake to

this quiet slate of morning;

mystery becoming grace all over again."

Rebecca, please consider sharing your poetry to Kathy Uyen Nyuyen's blog. She is still looking for 10 more writers/artists to join her Aug. Blog Splash. Please check this out

Have a blessed day!



These images are pure MAGIC, Rebecca...paired with your written imagery, this was an enchanting time to be here... to dwell in magic and love. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))


absolutely magical


Fascinating pictures and inspiring poem. Love this.


hello, beautiful you...

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