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August 31, 2012


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Andrea Thompson

I so wish I didn't have to run off to work, so I could sit and stare at these beautiful photos for just a bit longer, and soak in your magical words!


I'll add some moonshine to the starlight today Rebecca! LOVE your magical words and the photo is just WOW!!


I am always in awe of the way your words linger in my mind and how they warm me with their gentleness! Thank you! Cathy


The photo of the flower is beautiful, your words are beautiful. Not just the Haiku, but what you say to welcome us home is beautiful. You are beautiful as you have created a complete peace laden community here, not just on Friday, but every day.



I always love the way you choose your words...they speak in different ways each time I reread them...and the color in the photo, magic! Happy weekend Rebecca♥♥♥

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, the stars! Oh, the light! I am dazzled by your offering of tiny words!


Ah, the stars, the moonlight...moonlight becomes us. :o) Wishing you a beautiful Blue Full Moon, Rebecca. Lovely to catch up with you after a brief hiatus! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Deb Taylor

I swear I can almost see your beautiful face in this gorgeous photo! You shine everyday in my own heart! I love you.


You are a master wordsmith, always adept at expressing yourself so magically, so uniquely. A beautiful way to start today!


I still have stardust in my eyes as I start the day.


Amazing macro photo ~ lovely ~ happy weekend to you ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Anthony North

Stars to flowers. I like it.

Kim Mailhot

How glorious is that bloom ?!?!

Thank you as always, for how you welcome us here, so graciously and with such love. Happy Friday, Beautiful Rebecca !


I'm happy to walk through the door again this week. A beautiful photo with words that enchant!


i want to crawl into that flower
spend the day...
{{ falling stars for my blanket }}

"""the way light falls from your eyes"""
the way words fall from your heart!


in the meantime,
i bring you berries
and moon

Laura Hegfield

exquisite dear Rebecca!


How I love to walk through this door and bask in the starlight that you share... thank you Rebecca for having us here and for sharing this beauty that is you. XO

peggy gatto

I am a a sky person and love the night sky!
My friends are in the stars!


My heart is haiku'd over the moon with all of the twinkling in here. FABULOUS photograph. WOW!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Beautiful flower. What kind is it? I love how you always welcome us on Fridays.

Queenie Believe

A beautiful visual of stars and flowers.
Happy Blue Moon Friday.
Always, Queenie


Light does fall from my eyes when I visit here!


I couldn't write a haiku my heart on stardust I wasn't inspired enough or maybe to busy with other things. So for this week's haiku my heart I have shared an older haiku of mine inspired on a haiku by Basho (1644-1694).
It's not a haiku on stardust, but on the moon. This week we had a Blue Moon so I thought to share a haiku about the Moon.


Mama Zen



Running out for a long day

seems I'm always doing that lately

but, wanted to leave you a link for postcards;

have a wonderful one!!!

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