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August 02, 2012


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peggy gatto

I have been watching the roses "fry" in a 4 day 100 degree heat wave!
But even that as a good side!
I love seeing the light!!

deb taylor

the light in Florida, paints such beauty in every simple life

Anthony North

Stunning pics and great words.

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca...this Friday Sun is playing hide and seek here in Pune..hope you will enjoy the haiku as much as I enjoy being here..


I have the same feeling when I wake up on Friday Rebecca... your haiku and photo are fabulous. My day could not start any better!


This haiku shimmered in my heart today, Rebecca. I had a tough week where I found myself in a very blue corner...Feeling my light coming back to the surface. Thank you for this reminder, my friend. Happy Days ((HUGS))


Yes, indeed it does. Thoughts of "What day of the week is this?", and "Do I need to start thinking about my haiku for Friday? pop into my head.
If you would have told me I'd be writing poetry at all, let alone almost every week, I'd have called you crazy not that long ago.
I woke up naturally, at 4 AM, and headed straight for the computer to finish my post. When I see who has already been here to post I get excited. On those days when you, sweet Rebecca, have not posted the Friday Haiku My Heart header and link, I wait, impatiently, tapping my foot, returning back to your blog at brief intervals to see if I can add my link to the tumbler.
It is a fine day, Friday, if for no other reason, than be it this reason.



Loved your "light" haiku. Beautiful and freeing.

Andrea Thompson

I am ready for the light, mine and all the others, i love your photos and words, what a perfectly wonderful way to wake up!

Kim Mailhot

Yes, yes, yes ! It is a joy and an honor to join in this light sharing each week.
Big love to you, Shiny One !

Magical Mystical Teacher

We are deliverers of light--fancy that!


Friday, is it Friday? Yes! Words flutter all around us like the seeds of your love that we plant each week in this fertile soil of recuerda mi corazon... Weaving dreams, thoughts, hopes, cares, the shedding of much, all encompassing songs, a refuge for the heart. XO

Eric 'Bubba' Alder

I thought of how we sometimes don't see the light for awhile, but eventually it returns anew. The butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, after a period of darkness, and comes back into the world's light.


This image continues to take me away!


Lifted up on your words and ability to reflect the light in us all.


Your photos and haiku are elegant and magical! My heart is definitely lifted.

Helen Campbell

Beautiful haiku, Rebecca. You always touch my heart.


i have not contribution this week, just wanted to drop by and get my haiku fill of beautiful rebecca prose...thank you for your unwavering loveliness and beautiful, dreamy photos...hope to back to play next week...xo

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I look forward to meeting here every Friday. This one is a special one.

P.S. I love your photos.


oh my goodness dear hummingbird... so beautiful, all of it...

light, light...



Thank you rebacca for a new week of haiku My Heart. I have interpreted your given theme with a haiku about Holy Isle, a Buddhist retreat centre on a Isle at the West Coast of Scotland. Thank you for hosting another Haiku My Heart

Katina Wright

I love your haiku - it really resonated with me with its powerful positive message. And with that stunning photo it would make a wonderful poster/card/bookmark gift - an inspirational reminder.

I must start joining in with this challenge & start writing haiku again.
Beautiful post
Kat :-)


Be all you can be. One of the best messages we can give our children.

I'm haiku dry today and doing some longer writing at the moment. I'll be back.

Rosie Gan

Thank you for your heart-lifting haiku. I'd like to link-in, but can't find Mr Linky. Something more high-tech is happening with that Linky.
I'll try again soon.

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