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August 10, 2012


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So appropriate, so connected, the stars and us on these Fridays when we meet. Beautiful photo. This weekend, some meteors are to shower us. They will look like some of these stars are coming down from the sky.Perhaps they are the spirits that wander in the night coming to visit.
Your Haiku is fabulous and allows me to relate the romance of coming here on Friday's as these same stars romance the heavens.



Oh...I always feel the love when I look up! :o) Happy Day, Rebecca ((HUGS))

Andrea thompson

Always a pleasure and a smile upon stopping by here on fridays! Beautiful photo and words, glad i had time to get a little fix of happiness before work today!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, those impatient stars! Really, now, what are they thinking?


Oh Rebecca, I am so happy to be here again! I have missed you and all of the stars you have gathered together. Shine on...and on and on♥♥♥


Remarkable indeed! Remarkable photo. Remarkable haiku. Remarkable YOU!

Kim Mailhot

How I love the image these words create, Beautiful One !
Sending big openhearted love to you.
Happy Friday !


{{ it is like
you took
a snap
of my best dreamy,
dream ...

'' making fridays
remarkable ''

indeed... }}


Oh, Rebecca, your beautifully inspiring post today speaks "autumn nights" to me! My favorite season is giving a sneak preview today in my corner. Here you are echoing its sentiment to me! Lovin' it!

Happy Haiku Friday, Rebecca!



Love fridays among the stars. Thank you for being so shiny.

Anthony North

Romancing the sky. I like it.


The magic of starlight in your photo and words...awesome!


and loyal are you in illuminating our Fridays...


Ramesh Sood

This is beautiful and inspired me to add one more haiku... Rebecca..Thanks..


a kiss each one of these stars... as are your words... thank you Rebecca! XO

Our skies. day and nite, always different, always constant, always awe-inspiring, and often very romantic....


Rebecca ~ thanks for hosting ~ am having some problems with track pad on my lap top ~ so may be offline for a bit but am trying to respond to most poets ~ wish me luck ~ namaste, Carol ( A Creative Harbor)

peggy gatto

"romancing the sky", just beautiful words!


Perfect photo and luminous haiku!


I haven't any haiku,
but I love and appreciate yours.
And...!excellent! photo to accompany.

Jill K. Berry

Coming here is like entering a dream. I always know it will strike at my heart. xoox my friend.


Luminous ... mmm nice theme, but I have interpreted it in a different way as you can read in my post for Haiku My Heart.

Mama Zen


Arnoldo L. Romero

I just linked a page that contains a haiku poem I wrote, along with my artwork. I hope you like it. Blessings!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Just getting here. . . for inspiration.

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