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August 24, 2012


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Andrea thompson

Beautiful as always but i so don't want summer to end this year, it's flown by tooo too fast, as life lately does. Thanks for having us again this week!


"may we each be a golden finch perched on the
rim of abundance" - Amen! That makes my heart sing. Thanks again for sharing beauty from your place, Rebecca. A lovely weekend to you.


oh oh oh, missy!
i would LOVE
to see a real golden finch
perched Anywhere
i guess seeing one HERE
will do just fine!

i am perched
on the rim of Water abundance
& tracking TS Isaac...
{{ we will see
we will see }}
one can*not B picky
when it comes to water--->
too much,
too little,
it comes
it comes...

your photos are amazing!
i enjoy so much
seeing the critters
you photo*capture
so different from my own...

enjoy your day,
dear one!

{{ love this image--->
""waving at heaven"" }}


the slow turning days of summer

begin their somersault

into fall.

LOVE THE WORDS!!! What an image!!!! WOW!!!


Those fluttering wings! I love how you use words too...summer and clever!
You always make me feel happy! ♥♥♥


Summer brought rain and cold in the Netherlands and just when I thought Fall was here, the sun came out and burned hot! Strange days. Strange season. I'm happy Haiku my Heart Friday is here in its own, peaceful and wonderful way. Thanks for keeping me sane Rebecca!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I am a sunflower and a finch this morning because of your wonderfully woven words!

Anthony North

Great words, and sadly, yes, summer's almost gone.


Love your words and I honestly look forward to the coming of Fall. It's the best time of the year for me. For some reason as the season comes to life, my sense of well being vibrates with the scent in the air. I want to be out there twirling, twirling with head looking up to the sky. Ah, but if my knees would allow that, tee hee.:)) Nice post Rebecca, have a great weekend.

Helen Campbell

Beautiful photographs and prose! I love sunflowers, and have some in the garden, blooming in stages to keep my garden sunny as the rainy fall season starts. Have a wonderful weekend, Rebecca!

Stephanie I LOVE these little birds. Their bobbing among the sunflowers!!!


Sue Fox

I'm thinking we're thinking the same thoughts though oceans apart! x


Incredi-bobbly photos and golden dreams!


what beautiful images you paint with your pen and your lens today

peggy gatto

Somersault, what a great word to use!!!!!!
I like that word!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I'll be back later to post and visit, Rebecca. An estate sale is PV is calling me right now. I am SO aware of waning summer--dualistically sad but looking forward to fall.


Not only do you share the sweet photos of the finches, but you share their innermost thoughts and desires for all animal-kind! Your posts continue to bring delight to each and every we begin that slow somersault and embrace the cloud-filled skies!


Such beauty! I love supplying meals for the birds, bees and butterflies, and all the hundreds of little hoverflies too. I don't get finches in my garden but we do have blue tits who I love to see.


The Finches here are so patient and are the only ones that'll almost let me get up close to the feeder without fluttering away. They're my second favorite tweet following the chickadee. ;)


I did not know if I would make it here this Friday... but how could I not? So slowly over the weekend, I will visit these gems and the abundance that flows and somersault into our Friday haiku with your sweet finches fanning the last heat of Summer into Fall... thank you Rebecca, for gathering us all here... XOXOXO

Christine L. Villa

the slow turning days of summer

begin their somersault

into fall.

I love these lines. I don't want the summer to end yet.
Thanks for sharing your photos, too. I love finches. :-)

Arnoldo L. Romero


Mama Zen



just amazing!!!

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