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August 17, 2012


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Ooooh, how I wish I had water around to jump in... we experience tropical temperatures in the Netherlands and I am writing this on my beloved's computer as mine is turned off 'cause of the heat. I'll visit the haiku circle later, as it gets cooler. Keep your fingers crossed for that to happen and enjoy your weekend.

Kim Mailhot

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !!! There is a deep need in me to surrender and lay the burdens down. Doing it slowly though, as a leap or big throw may just bring me along with it today.
How about it I hop...hop forward, gently and kindly for myself ? ;)

Love and light to you, Beautiful One ! Happy Turquoise Friday !


You know, I am so happy to have landed here this morning -- that photo and your words are exactly what I need to read at this moment.

Thank you, dear Rebecca --

Anthony North

Yes, summer comes to an end, sadly.


What an exhilerating moment that must be when you hit the water!

Summer has indeed swallowed me this year, the heat and humidity have been unbearable. I applaud that leaf as it falls and long for the chill of frost in the air!


The pure abandoned JOY of this leap into summer, into life.

Can it a halt.



It is amazing to feel that turn in the weather, we hold on so to all that summer means to us, yet... that leave has turned and like your brave son, we let go and jump... into the vast unknown of where our each of our hearts beckons... in a glory of color to come, thank you Rebecca...

Rosie Gan

Thank you for that wish you give to us, to remind us to jump into the heart of life and surrender burdens. I'm taking that leap, Rebecca.


Gorgeous living summer haiku Rebecca!

Ramesh Sood

I loved the photo Rebecca... beautifully captured and what a lovely befitting haiku.... I enjoy so much contributing here...


Keep spreading joy..


Helen Campbell

What a wonderful photo and haiku! I feel his joy of summer, and also the urge to enjoy as much as possible right now... autumn is coming. Thank you for your wonderful words! You always inspire me!

Arnoldo L. Romero

The word "salud" comes to mind after that heartfelt "toast" to life you wrote. Blessings!


Feels like fall in the air here! Beautiful haiku!!! Wishing you a grand weekend!

Queenie Believe

Beautiful summer reminder.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Yeah! I want to jump in to the pool of life! The fact that you saw the light and shadow play on those leaves...I know we are kindred spirits.

peggy gatto

And I just noticed Fall this morning, kind of like your leaves!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I just love this photo of your son--so courageous and so one with his environment. Thank you for writing so eloquently and hosting us here.

Sue Fox

Ah but the crimson leaf fills my heart, glorious autumn a riot of colour, days to savour. x


You are a 'divine' inspiration with your wonderful words and fantastic photography ~ thanks for hosting ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Poet Laundry

My first time linking up here. Thank you Rebecca! And a lovely haiku--great capture with the photo too.

Andrea thompson

What a beautiful world you live in! And share with us with open arms! Always feel so welcome on your blog!

deb taylor

seems like we are all bathing
in the delicious waters of summer!

The photo of your son flying into the wet welcome of summer always brings me delight!


and i wish for you the same surrendering to this one life we have here on this beautiful earth. send much love to you.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Better late than never. . . . :)

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