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July 01, 2012


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Katina Wright

Beautiful photos & quote - soulful and meditative. I just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed looking around your blog & learning about your creative projects. I discovered you via the lovely ladies (Priti)Lisa & gemma. Its been a pleasure to visit your heartfelt inspiring blog.

Kat X


i am melting
but not complaining
in my honest
observation of life

{{ yesterday
at the library
i found a grand copy of Walden
in the Free Box
and brought it home.
last night as i sweltered
i read this-->
Once Again-->
"" The mass of men
lead lives of quiet desperation.""

and even
as i could not find Cool Comfort,
i knew,
thank goodness,
this was Not Me...

such A Sign i find today
as i visit you
to see HDT featured here!


i am taking it as A Sign,
as i Always DO...
without air*conditioning
am i learning to B thoreau
this week-end?
should i go plant a row of beans?
what what what

Sue Fox

I have been quietly contemplating life, wood walking, stopping by ponds to reflect too, your posts seem to coincide with my thoughts.

I hope you are well dear? x


Such beauty in your simple offering of stone upon stone...



Love the stones and the origami ~ and, of course, Thoreau ~ blessings to you and your creative energy ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)


So much peace in the beauty of simple things. Thank you for sharing.

Laurie Zuckerman

One of my favorite quotes, Rebecca, and paired with such stunning photos of these rock cairns. Thank you! I thank you for every Sunday's post and wish you well.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Shopping -- as you'll see!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

i remembered to download my pictures from yesterday for your meme. I love your cairns.

Mark M. Redfearn

Singing stones, singing heart!


These photos are so soothing....

Fran aka Redondowriter

Your stones, and Thoreau's, are definitely singing, Rebecca. Late to the party, but better late than never.

Kim Mailhot

My Father was a stacker of rocks. He has been gone for 16 years but in our woods, some of his precious stacks remain. I love those footsteps. I follow in them.

Much love to you, Beautiful, Beautiful Heart. Thank you for this rocky remembrance.


Dear Thoreau... and Dear you, Rebecca... What a gift you share with us today--thank you so very much! :o) ((HUGS)) P.S. How are you enjoying the painting course?!


{{ just me
back again ...

i want to click LIKE
on the comments,
don't you?
as on FB...

if i could
i would
LIKE them all
here... }}

Queenie Believe

Wonderful photos. The first stacked stone appears to defy gravity!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Mama Zen

Lovely shots!


The stacked rocks are full of significance somehow. I've added my link to "a walk in the green woods" and it may be cooling to some who are experiencing intense heat.


I've loved Thoreau and Walden Pond since forever. The words are so filled with stillness.

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