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July 15, 2012


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good morning...happy that you were greeted with fresh rain to color your world.

steamy hot here, already


i am so happy you got some rain!

doesn't it just smell Heavenly!

{{ i have no morning glories
and love the rich color,
for sharing... }}

Sue Fox

I thought it had eased off here a little, it's made it's way round to your for a change!

Love the pics, happy rain reveling. x

Magical Mystical Teacher

Nothing spells "paradise" better than rain after a long dry spell!

Lots of drought all over the country ... gratitude for some rain is seen in your lovely gardens....

Margaret Lambert

Beautiful post, heavenly weather for us! I am so grateful for this bounty.


drips of water are so beautiful

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Is that hyacinth? Beautiful photos. I especially like the closeup of the raindrops.


late to the 'party' ~ wonderfully delightful photos and post ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

Fran aka Redondowriter

What beautiful photos and words, Rebecca, all touched by rain. We had a little ourselves a few days back and it improved my mood immensely. I just love that smell of newly wet earth. My own paradise yesterday was a visit to a rubber stamp convention.


Beautiful photos Rebecca..............
We haven't had anything but a few sprinkles lately but having lots of thunder....lots of rumbling from above.

Laurie Zuckerman

Happy to know that you are enjoying some rains. My husband is in Southeast Arizona this week and he reports that the desert is greening up. Rebecca, your photography is always an inspiration to me!!


Everything looks so bright and fresh and plump! in this beautiful gentle rain.


Rosie Gan

A true visual feast! Your camera captured beauty in all its intensity!


Am sorry if my post doesnt make much sense... I was bit unsure of the theme...You can remove if you want.

Christine L. Villa

Rain is always healing to the soul. Breathtaking photos and words. :-)

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