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July 29, 2012


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The complete absorption of the cat in its quest for water is very emotional, Rebecca.

I wanted to also let you know that today I posted a sort of garden of my own - the garden of the words of St. Thomas Aquinas.


these photos bring a smile to my face (especially the kitty getting a drink.) and that morning glory in the previous post? heavenly...


Yes drinking deeply from the cup of contentment. Our summer garden is abundant.


Rebecca ~ your macro photography is exquisite ~ and the cat is delightful ! (back to basics) ~ thanks for hosting with your magical words and photos ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Now that is one happy cat! (Mine like to get their water from the kitchen tap.)

Sue Fox

We used to have a cat that liked to drink from the gold fish bowl on the window ledge, the fish was named Jimmy and lived for 18 years! x

deb taylor

I want to be a honey bee in your garden of plenty! and oh that kitty drink is adorable!


BEAUTIFUL garden abundance and kitty cat love, Rebecca... drinking it all in along with you in gratitude. :o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))


thank you for the walk through this beautiful early morning summer morning...and...sending your sweet sweet



Rebecca, what a beauty. The first photos is so exquisite I swear I can see a little face in the center of the flower. And the cat drinking water? What a simple and magic capture.

Mama Zen

That last picture just made my day!

Laurie Zuckerman

Marvelous, exuberant photos. What, pray tell, are the red flowers. I cover those. You must have lots of hummingbirds in your yard, Rebecca. Hope you are finding the time and the peace of mind to enjoy every flower bud in your yard!

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