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July 22, 2012


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Sue Fox

These photographs are magical, just magical and a soft story too ....... oh my goodness! x


The striking contrast of these lines takes my breath away:
This morning the long pilgrimage of love
bloomed beneath the wings of motherhood.

suddenly while the world of men crushed the blue out of heaven
she gathered her babies closer,
consoled the morning in a simple gesture of love.

I am reminded that while the world is torn by conflict and sorrow and men make plans in secret rooms to beat the war drum louder and give greater and greater power to that which flies through the heavens to crush nature and all her beauty; beneath it there are just as many mother birds, unseen, sheltering, consoling, nurturing, loving and "holding up half the sky."
So very gracious, so beautiful. . . thank you.




sweet Rebecca,
You captured such a tender and sweet familial scene...those beautiful blue eyes.


Laurie Zuckerman

Such beautiful images of these mourning doves. I am thrilled to see them. I have mourning doves on my mother's altar, as she had a nesting dove on her patio at the time she passed away. It had two eggs, just like my mother had two children. The morning that she died, the dove and the eggs had disappeared. It was all too sad for words. Thank you for sharing these images, Rebecca, and letting me share my memories.


Sooo sweet these love birds! We don't have mourning doves here... so I miss their gentle song and gentle ways. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

sharon furner

Noelle has stated how I feel about this posting, better than I. And Laurie's experience with the passing of her mother, touches my heart.
You have an exquisite eye behind your camera. These are some of the very best of your photographs....I won't prolong, for all of us can see your sensitive connection with all things living.

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