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July 24, 2012


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sharon furner

my dear sweet TALENTED friend. everything your heart and fingers touch turns to pure do it ALL so well. Your glass reproduction is magnificent. Now cute friend, how about reinterpreting into PAINT!!!! ah what magic you would whip up.....


A rare skill, making stained glass window.
This is a breathtaking result; a rose window.

Cafe au lait

These are beautiful.

Sue Fox

Ah! The the one from this fair isle, your hand is at ease with the master! x


So beautiful!

Beautiful blog too!

Happy RT2!


wow Rebecca, this is exquisite. I don't even know what else to say, honestly. It got me speechless.

Magical Mystical Teacher

When the light flows through, oh, I can imagine it lighting up my soul as well!

I have always wanted to make stained glass, but haven't done it yet....I guess I am not optimistic about the outcome! I love this piece, and I gather you are trying to replicate it?


Hi Rebecca! Lovely to hear from you the other day! Your CRM window is lovely. The last time we were in Edinburgh we went for and Indian meal in a restaurant who's decor was totally Rennie Macintosh inspired-a strange pairing but it worked! Where is your window?

Meri @ Meri's Musings

This is exquisite, Rebecca. You are vastly talented and gifted with a pure spirit.

Margaret Lambert

I've always loved the Mackintosh Rose design, which has been used for everything from textiles to jewelry. I think there are some wonderful interiors in Scotland, a tea room in Glasgow etc. I'd love to see them!

deb taylor

oh Rebecca...this is so beautiful. I am reminded of my winged heart...I love it so.
I miss you more.




This is so beautiful... this window into your world of creating and homage... it is so vibrant and alive, they symmetry exquisite... with the perfect glimpse to the greater outdoors...


it's quite quite beautiful, rebecca... like you. (thank you for your words of support and love... husband is gradually getting better and i am gradually getting some strength back...)

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