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July 16, 2012


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Queenie Believe

I have two fur babes of the canine variety called colletively The Delicious... Individually: Callie Delicious and Minnie Delicious. Each have their own personality and are love muffins to the max.
Where would we be without our furry friends!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Rebecca, I thought my day was going about perfect, but now Jacks photo just made it SPECTACULAR.


What a cutie-cakes is Jackson! Our cat Charlie is our fur-baby and brings us delights and laughs daily... I can't imagine life without a cat! :o) Happy Week, Rebecca ((HUGS))

Kim Andersen

Jackson is so sweet! It makes me miss my kitty witty :(

we currently have 2 guinea pigs and 2 dogs ... one of the dogs we just adopted a few days ago. A sweet little yorkshire terrier - she has us entertained to be sure!


You know my dear fur person ~ ArtMuse Dog ~ She is a Yorkshire Terrier ~ weighs about 8lbs ~ doesn't know she is small or that she is not human ~ She is a delight ~ a free spirit in many ways yet very attached to me also ~ She is 5 years old and came from Missouri. We live on Cape Ann MA ~ Latest event was swimming and running on the beach last evening ~ She loves it and then had to have a bath afterwards but slept very well ~ You can all see her 'working' on my blog at


Jackson is most certainly a perrrrrfectly wonderful kitty.

well, you know my furry family members, Melly and Olive, sitting right here at my feet at this moment.



Jackson is an awesome family pet member. I've always had cats in the past, as well as dogs. I call them my family pet members and Chocolatte is my pal right now. She is a lap dog, cuddly, hides under blankets, has a temper, gets angry when she doesn't get to go bye bye with her daddy and is spoiled. She is chihuahua/poodle, ChiPoo. Tee hee. I love her very much, like I did Chorizo, who I still miss very much. Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for your kind words on my blog. Take care and be well.

Karen Gerstenberger

Our furbabies are cats, too - Latte is our dog-in-a-cat's body, and Liger is our gray and white striped truly-feline cat (also known as "the baby"). The children chose them from an animal adoption shop in May of 2006, and we had no idea at the time what was to come. They spent the summer growing under the children's watchful care, and in September, were cared for by our dear neighbors when we moved to Ronald McDonald house for Katie's treatment. Fortunately, they thrived in our community's care. But oh! -how both Katie and David missed them!

Latte is dominant, huge, heavy, with thick coarse fur and a home-body temperament. He will leave the property only to take a walk with us. Liger is a rover who is timid yet oddly courageous when eagles are flying overhead. He is limber, cuddly, silky and docile.

Now that David is at college, the cats are very spoiled, but we are thankful to have them, and thankful for the love they have shared with us. Thanks for asking!

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