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July 20, 2012


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What beautiful pictures! Wow, catching the raindrops on the flowers!! So very lovely and the words so tender! Have a wonderful day!

deb taylor

oh those Love Doves.
your summer view is so pure, and beautiful, just like you


The rain seems to round out and mellow the already soft cooing, as if the air itself is echoing the calls


Rebecca, we have the mourning doves here as well. they are a beautiful site to behold. Their early morning cooing is soothing. They feed at my feeders. My oh my we can use some rain. Glad you seem to be getting some. Tis the season for the Southwest, No? From July to Labor Day? Your photos of the raindrops on flowers are perfect, as are those of the birds and the poetic haiku.
You'll be hearing from me very soon.



Lovely haiku and photos...especially love the first one...looked like a mirror image for a second! Thanks for hosting, as always!

Magical Mystical Teacher

So many magical things can happen between rains!


Such a miracle to catch those incredible shots...and the perfect haiku to make them come alive! What a beautiful way to start this fine morning!


Mourning doves sing summer to me. I am back in my bed as a child listening to their soft sounds and knowing a wonderful summer day lay ahead.

and now in this reality that we of a horrible mass shooting in a local movie theater. what is wrong with sad.


Kim Mailhot

Oh, this is so sweet. Feels like a nurtring mother hug. Sweet, sweet, sweet !

I am so glad the rain has brought a fresh, clean vision to you, Beautiful Heart. Thank you, as always, for bringing our hearts together here.
Much love !


Wow! Absolutely love the doves ~ so loving and the raindrops too ~ Fantastic photography ~ such inspiring post ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)


We finally got some rain this morning. Your haiku and photos made me smile, as did our long awaited rain!


Each morning is another miracle - may your day be bright and filled with joy, laughter and love Rebecca!

Anthony North

A lovely respite.


{{ so lovey*dovey!!

i am refreshed
with our own rain
over here
with your haiku
over there }}


drinking... from your words that serenade my soul, such beauty seen with soft eyes, this gentle summer rain... XO

I love the sweet sound of a mourning dove....I have recently discovered how beautiful their colors are!


Dove courtship, so elegant and true. Love lessons live there.


I am participating again! Will you add my blog to your sidebar?

Mama Zen

Just beautiful!

Christine L. Villa

I took a picture of some mourning doves the other day, but their not as beautiful as yours. Your words are beautiful as well. It always warms my heart. :-) God bless you!

Christine L. Villa

I meant, "they're" not as beautiful as yours. :-)


oh Rebecca, this is all I needed to warm up my heart. So beautiful.


Good day to you all, I have posted a new haiku my heart on the theme "wind chime". It's this weeks episode of "Tackle It Tuesday", mu weekly haiku meme.
Enjoy the read.



The arrival of a mother dove gathering her young in between rain drops and the scent of a fresh floral bouquet. There can be no greater gift than this -- a moment of cool blessing and grace protected beneath the shadowy wings of Love.

peggy gatto

So uplifting and soothing, thank you!
I often use art as therapy for me in good and bad times.
it gives me something to do besides sit and do nothing

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