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July 26, 2012


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Anthony North

Great words.


What a fabulous photo. What color. Wonderful words. I feel like one of the birds. I so much enjoy town you've brought us together.



That image is so luminous... I'd like to dive into the sun-drenched flower myself! So happy to see this... and be hear to weave some love with you. :o) Happy Days, Rebecca ((HUGS))

Magical Mystical Teacher

Those little sky stitchers have threaded their way into my heart!


Great imagery in your haiku...and brilliant photo...what a great way to take a picture - thru the flower and into the sun...

Kim Mailhot

"poets of sunrise" - what a beautiful name for morning glories, beautiful one. It made me sigh with delight.
Sending sweet love and light to you, my Friend !


Morning fragile and beautiful and tenacious. Your haiku compliments them most beautifully!

deb taylor

what a gorgeous photo Rebecca!
and oh those tiny little sky stitchers!
Love this. Love you. Haiku too! and blue!


What a delight to see my favouite flower illuminated by the sun and your beautiful haiku!


birds are stitching a Smile
my sky today, missy!



{{ love
how you captured the sun
outta that blossom,
will be a day of enlightenment... }}


What glory finds us all here this morning, drinking from your blue cup, counting stitches in the sky, while our hearts link through word and image... thank you so Rebecca for this home away from home... XOXOXO

Sue K

Fabulous color. What a perfect photo.


Thanks Rebecca for your ever supportive comments ~ Your photos are fabulous and haiku so lovely ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

peggy gatto

True glory of the morning!!!
I always plant them and they never disappoint me!
Lovely friday!

Laura Hegfield

so, so beautiful dear Rebecca!

Andrea thompson

Your words are as beautiful as your photos! I have enjoyed catching up on your last few posts i missed as well......sooooo love the wonderful crown creation!!!


Sunrise poet you be as the Morning Star fades into blue.


Christine L. Villa

Oh... I love this photo. I just took a few photos like this from my neighbord's backyard. My internet connection is slow now. I wish I could share it with you.
As usual, your poetry is superb. I like the phrases "stitch the sky" and "poetry of sunrise."
I hope you also enjoy the haiku I posted on my blog.


Oh yes, your blue flower inspired me and I love the image of 'birds stitching the sky'... such a wonderful haiku Rebecca!

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