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July 31, 2012


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Bright and beautiful.....and such an appropriate flower for you to choose.

Shelly Penko

I am amazed, astounded and dazzled by your painting. It's beautiful, and luscious and alive! I love brugmansia (angel's trumpet), for some reason that flower speaks to my soul. One of my paintings also features these flowers also, but very differently than your masterpiece. You are a painter, dear. You are a painter. ♥

odd chick

That is so extremely beautiful, it made me cry. honestly. one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen and look at art as much as I can. you have unleashed and bloomed something outstanding!

Margaret Lambert

What a fabulous experience! We all need to give ourselves permission to unleash our inner creativity. Most of us have no idea what talents we may have, or how satisfying it may be to express them. You have been blessed...again!

Queenie Believe

Absolutely beautiful work. Don't ever listen to the "grumpy old mad" inside saying you don't know how or its a waste... Silly old man!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


It makes me want to crawl inside and live in its paradise forever!


It's gorgeous . GORGEOUS!!

Karen Gerstenberger

Your painting is beautiful, and even more beautiful is the blessing - I think "healing" is more accurate - that the class, the process, has brought to you. I hear it in your words, and see it in this lovely work of art.

I was a painter (that was my major in college), and I too have been gripped - and halted - by fear and blockage in this area. Your words and images are giving me hope that I too can be unblocked as a always, thank you!


stunning...just stunning!!! but then I KNEW this was in you.


Sue Fox

You really got in-tu-it didn't you? Bravo. x


oh WOW Rebecca, I am blown away. I am so taken with that piece. You are amazing my dear, truly amazing.

deb taylor

Oh my Holy Mother of were born to delicious, so gorgeous, so is about time!! Paint on Sister!!


Rebecca, this is absolutely stunning. I am so proud of you. This truly is a birth of your soul: bright, bold, beautiful.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

You bloomed true, Rebecca.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

For joy!

Fran aka Redondowriter

You are such an accomplished artist that I was surprised to hear you express your fears about the blank canvas. All I can say is that I absolutely love the riot of color, of shapes, and to hear you describe the process is the frosting on the cake. I have to go back and look at Flora Bowley's website. I have seen her work in some of the magazines. She has a new book, yes?

Christine L. Villa

This is not just a bright blossoming. This is a beeeuuuutiful blossoming. Your unfolding is just perfection. Beyond fear is infinite possibilities. I'm sure you have more in you to unfold. I'm happy for what you have accomplished. Congratulations!

Christine L. Villa

Ooops! I forgot the "a" in beautiful. :-)

Kim Mailhot

And yet part of me is unsurprised to see the glorious heart of you shining in every bit of paint on that canvas. I am so grateful that the Universe gave you the chance to experience this joy!
Love and light to you, glorious Artist/Life Lover.


Good for you! This is beautiful, and I'm so happy for all that it represents in you. Congratulations!



Yeah! So creative and expressive and free ~ Love your art work ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

I love the colors in your cool how you just let those creative juices flow thru the brush....

sharon furner

Like a pioneer, you have used your courage, fortitude, fearlessness, and desire to explore as you have crossed the plains of fear, lack of confidence, met new frontiers. You have crossed the mountains into the deep valley of painting....painting with pigments and the pigments of your imagination. I am so delightfully happy for you, If I were to do stain glass, I would have your same experience. But my first piece would be but a rectangle with a few squares of color Yours is a kaleidoscope of color, vibrance, design, conception. What a truly amazing painting. I can't even imagine what will follow.....give it your all, use your limited energy to create with thinks it does your sweet heart good. biggest smiles ever: sharon

peggy gatto

totally awesome...truly!!!!!!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Your bravery and your blossoms inspire me!


PURE JOY, Rebecca... Hearing your experience and seeing your painting brings me to such happy tears. You've been blooming true, my friend! I'm just finishing up my own painting and hope to share them soon. The Bloom True experience has been one of the greatest of my life, and one I'll not soon forget as it has changed how I approach my art and creativity. We are all artists, I think... we just have to have the courage to break down the fears and allow ourselves to bloom. Thank you for sharing so much here today. :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Laurie Zuckerman

I am so impressed by your painting, Rebecca. You are deeply talented with your paint, color, and composition!! I look forward to seeing many more canvas paintings in your future.


so WOW, rebecca... this is truly *glorious*, and yes, truly speaking with your voice.

and ahhhh... the hummingbird,

my dear hummingbird...

you are so bright.



Your painting is filled with passion and wonderful energy ~ so creative ~ Blooming true for sure ~ thanks, namaste, (Carol) (A Creative Harbor)


I love how the beauty of you inside has come to life in your painting, Rebecca! The lush colors and magical composition are almost hypnotic in their wonder & delight! This is you in paint form! :o) Wasn't it the best, Bloom True. I'm still Blooming too...still painting, and never want to stop...LOL! Thank you for sharing more of your experience. And thank you for stopping to break bread with me yesterday. ((LOVE & HUGS))

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