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June 06, 2012


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If Only...

would B right over!

Sue Fox

Me too...
One day...sigh!


wow, this is beautiful. One day too ;-)


Ohhh, this is absolutely gorgeous, Rebecca! I wish I could be in your class. Why oh why don't we live closer to one another??!!


I remember years ago, something very precious to me shattered. My father painstakingly put it back together. I was so grateful but to this day, that perfect gift from my grandmother has an edge of bittersweetness to it. Here, it would seem a lovely vessel has been broken on purpose yet with reconstruction, has attained a new level of beauty.


dear rebecca, my grand pa iwataki repaired broken antique ceramic pieces. i grew up wide-eyed in his airstream trailer filled with broken pieces that he healed. with the closeness i feel to you through the internet, it occurred to me that i don't know what state your studio is.

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