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June 03, 2012


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I find myself always being pulled back to the heart of love, thank you Rebecca may you have a blessed Birthday weekend and a Wonderful Sunday!

Sue Fox

Paradise has taken me through my window into the soft rain and back again to your loving heart! x

deb taylor

these photos are so gorgeous....I must go create a Paradise Post for today!

Carol (artmusedog)

Wonderful photos ~ very loving ~ May you have a magical and loving week ahead ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


Divine. Literally.

you are so talented, prolific, and mystical....All of your works are wonderful to behold...

Tarang Sinha

'Today may you walk with light
may the salutations of your heart;
words, thoughts and actions
all serve to lift the veil of love'

Beautiful words Rebecca!:)


Lifting the veil... such beauty to be found, here in your words and pics and when we do so in life all around us! I've been dreaming of about you crossing my threshold... you know... I can see it, I really can... XOXOXO


Paradise brought me here this morning...
and your words serve as a reminder to lift the veil and go to the heart of love.


Such beauty in your photos and words.


A beautiful blessing rebecca. I am enamored with this idea of "lifting the veil" as it exists in so many different traditions and cultures. "the veil of the temple" that covered the Holy of Holies" actually first a wall and then a curtain some 10 centimeters thick ; the veil that covers the face of a bride before she is given in marriage; the mysterious veil that covers the beautiful face of a muslim woman, a face that only her husband may see. And the veil of the heart exposed in love when it is filled with compassion and can hide itself no longer.


Amazing images as alway Rebecca. Paradise has taken me to some weird and strange, but beautiful places this last few days. Contemplating life in all its forms.xx

becca givens

Wonderful photos of the Sacred Heart, Rebecca. Your blog is a colorful feast for the eyes. Thank you for sharing!

Laurie Zuckerman

NOTHING, N-O-T-H-N-I-N-G could be as lovely as this church shrine, Rebecca. But when you can't travel to feast on such beauty in San Miguel, the consolation prize is to create your own paradise in your own backyard. Hope you and your readers enjoy this peek into my slice of paradise.


These photos are beautiful. Looks like baroque style. The sacred heart, so full of passion and symbolism.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Better late than never! What a lovely day I had and although the veil wasn't lifted in the sense you describe your own experience, I did manage to look at the world differently and joyously today. It helped that I went to church, the weather was beautiful, I had a stimulating EfM class and that my dear friend and I saw The Best Ever Marigold Hotel. I'm uplifted! I won't be able to visit everybody until tomorrow, but visit I will.


So much gold & beauty--strong as love. :o) We're just back from our trip the US. Lovely to catch up here with you, Rebecca. ((HUGS))

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