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June 10, 2012


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My wife Barb and I will be on the next trip to San Miguel, and we can't wait for the experience. To see the shops, galleries and studios of the artisans will be a thrill beyond belief.
A Paradise to be sure.
Can't wait!



oh...paradise has taken me for a ride. A journey over land and time.

and so many more journeys in my future.


Beautiful Madonna, Rebecca. I love the workshop photos. His face so full of concentration, his hands seemingly working from memory, his head bowed as in prayer over each item he brings to life.


It is so moving to see the blood-connection between the working hands of the living, breathing artist and the work of art brought to life. The movement from Sepia tones to full color offers that effect as well. It's lovely. I hope that it's a wonderful trip for all.


I enjoyed your postcards and words about creating, and this makes me want to take a vacation to San Miguel! Have a blessed Sunday

Sue Fox

To honour the hand of the craftsman, to wonder at the intricate work, the beauty....

Our world seems to be loosing these traditional skills in favour of ready made this and that, but to behold a man skilled in his craft is a wonderful sight, I know, I am married to such a man who has worked with his hands all his life to produce beautiful items for others, I am grateful...

To be on your trip would be so wonderful...sigh x

Fran Meneley

Hnads and, love, love....watching for what's next!!! xoxox frannie

Hettienne Grobler

Breathtaking!! what an inspiration on a Sunday evening! Thank you dear Rebecca for reminding me to join in again - I have been away for long and have returned with a full basket. The Semana Santa 2013 is still on top of my list. a blessed week to you.


im sorry for being so horribly late rebecca..i have shared the previous haiku here, the one which you wanted me to re-share on friday. but look im late again. il try n make it early this friday.:)


tender loving hands crafting and creating in this world offer their heart with each touch. these photos evoke memories a time spent in san miguel de allende, truly paradise.


ps sorry, i accidentally posted on haiku before i realized i was in the wrong place.

Laurie Zuckerman

It's looking more like Hell here in Fort Collins. The winds have shifted and have buried our town in reddish brown smoke with gusty winds. The fire has grown to 14,000 acres. No paradise today. I thought some angels on my "Postcards from Paradise" post were in order, Rebecca. I will try to calm myself with frequent looks at your beautiful Madonna photos. I also love the artisan's hands photos. Are these your photos, too, Rebecca. This is a lovely post.

Miss Robyn the Pixie

my paradise this week has taken me north, to visit my youngest grandsons.. cuddles, tantrums and tears.. has taken me to a village of colour and words [will link to it here].. and now sitting in our little motor home with rain pouring down.. off to spend the last day with my eldest daughter and the boys, then home tomorrow.. to my beautiful soul home Katoomba

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Ah yes, I've been there, watching the hands, watching the little motes of dust float through shafts of light. Marveling, wondering.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Hands can do the most amazing things, especially skilled, dedicated hands.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I look forward to hearing more about the hearts and hands of your sacred place in Mexico. Wonderful post today, Rebecca, that immediately brought the work of my neighbor Jianulla to mind.


Such splendid silver work! I've always wanted to learn's on the life list. And seeing this keeps the dream fueled...dazzling! :o) Happy Week, Rebecca ((HUGS))

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