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June 17, 2012


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Paradise has taken me to Mexico, just as it has taken you! My post is coming soon--just as soon as the muse will cooperate! How I love the project conveyed by your words and photos!


I REALLY hope we get to visit them this year!


Sue Fox

My little mat sits on the window ledge where I muse with my camera and perhaps a sip wine, in my haste to capture a moment a drop or two was slipped from my glass onto Daisy's head, now she has a pink mouth instead of cream, I think she liked it! ;~) x


Ah well I know this wonderful project well and the beauty of these hooked rugs is beyond compare. My lovely little rug featuring the lady astride a burro with flowers enhances my little office and makes it a home for me. I was glad to be part of this project and what these wonderful artists are doing to realize a dream!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Beautiful photos, Rebecca. Can hardly wait to her more about the hooked rug project.

wonderful photos...your life must be so full and interesting....

Hettienne Grobler

it is wonderful to be part of making another's dreams come true!

deb taylor

I am the lucky recipient of one of these lovely art pieces...a pillow top!! So in love with the energy I feel when I admire this project!

Laurie Zuckerman

Always you post the most beautiful photos with the highest sentiment. I am not personally familiar with this hooked rug project of this community in Mexico, although I have a vague remembrance that you have written about them before. These are LOVELY!!


BEAUTIFUL rugs... they are so bright, colorful and full of stories... just like these shining people who create them. Wonderful to see! :o) Happy Days, dear Rebecca ((HUGS))

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