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June 28, 2012


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Good day to you all. I have posted a nice haiku about Summer Solstice on my new Wordpress blog.
On Wordpress I am now known as Basho2012 (as the name of my blog is).
Please be welcome to visit.


Magical Mystical Teacher

I can feel those hot-rain kisses brushing my lips, setting them on fire!


Hot kisses get my attention! Magnificent writing you've offered up to us this week!

Anthony North

Beautiful words, as always.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Your flowers were very inspirational. I would like to haiku my summer heart, for sure.


I needed to hear these words of yours this morning. They evoked wonderful memories from the past for Mrs. Spadoman and myself. The simple beauty of a relationship.
Part of my morning prayer asks the Great Spirit to remember relationships and hold a hand out to those that might need help. I realize my prayers are answered daily right here in my own home. This thought coming on strong just from your words. A great and wonderful way to start the day. With a soothing thought and amongst the best of friends, some of whom I have never met.
Just wonderful in every way.



"kisses like hot rain..." such sensual delight! :o) Happy Day, Rebecca ((HUGS))


Beautiful Haiku!!! Have a grand day!

Ramesh Sood

Rebecca..can't Friday come twice a

Mark M. Redfearn

I don't know that I've ever unbuttoned a heart before, but sometimes I need to button my lip!

the beauty of you words never ceases to inspire and comfort me.....great photos, story, and amazing haiku


WOW - your bee haiku is amazing!!!


A delight to the senses on this summer morn!


The Bee undressing the flower for hot rain kisses....sounds divine.


A glorious ode to summer love! How beautiful it is here.

Sue Fox

I have once more settled in your garden of love, among bees, flowers and haikuing hearts that familiar Friday Feeling!


such wonderful haiku and photos ~ Happiness to you and your friends celebrating a life time together ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)


Hearts unbuttoned.
I heard love will do that sometimes.


peggy gatto


A Walk In My Heart

Have a great weekend!


Nice, lovely picture :)


you have awakened my sleeping heart unbuttoning love in auspicious and rapturous ways. you are a gift.

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