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June 07, 2012


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I love watching those ravens, those flirts! You captured the mood perfectly!

Sue Fox

I love your flirtatious raven rising and falling, and you seem to be outside my reach too on a physical plane! But oh the spiritual dimension, we fly side by side!

And that second pic, makes my heart all a flutter! x

Anthony North

A beautiful sight.

The Poetic Homemaker

Sounds like the raven is looking for something. I hope he finds it before nightfall. :)

Lovely photograph!


The raven is flirting. I guess that explains all that racket in my back yard. Must have seen me on the deck looking at the sun. Great photos and wonderful haiku.


Laura Hegfield

Beautiful Raven Rebecca. I hadn't picked up on the sexual innuendo until you mentioned it...hmmm what does that say about me? I guess I'm still half asleep, it is early in the morning:-)


Ah, I love those kinds of day, with hints of sensuality and fliration! ;o) Wonderful photos, Rebecca! Wishing a sweet weekend now ((HUGS))

Peg Englishman

ahhhh, the freedom to just BE!

I don't see many ravens where I live, but I'm intrigued by your photos. The first one looks as if the raven is holding some kind of mystery.
Excellent perspective..........thank you for sharing it:)


Hi Rebecca :)
A single raven keeps sitting on an phone wire, looking in my window...I keep thinking of the black crow for mourning two for mirth...I wish she would find her partner.
Wonderful pictures! Very sexy :)


Wonderful photos and haiku! Love the raven in motion...dark, earthy...

Carol (artmusedog)

Rebecca ~ you always have the most amazing photos and words ~ blessed woman you are ~ thanks so much for hosting this haiku event ~ happy, loving weekend ~ namaste, ^_^

I always thot ravens and crows were the same bird....and I never liked crows....But I sure like your 'romancing' raven - haiku and pic


{{ waiting on plumber!
will he ever call me back?
my haiku must wait... }}


Well there is nothing lovelier than the idea of Helios and Gaia in physical union with one another the livelong day and the wise raven being a fortunate voyeur. I think you are right, rebecca. Your photos are beautiful and make my heart sing on this fine summer day.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I haven't seen a single flirtatious raven here in Morelia. I have, however, met up with one very aggressive duck! :)

Cinda Rae Oliverio

CAWWWWWWWW! CAWWWWWWWWWW! Yes, the crows are here too! Just the other day when my friend Terry was here building me a tee pee for my lazy housewife beans, the crows were
on top of the church dome instead of all those dirty pidgeons!!! hehehe HAPPY week-end my sweet!!!


Ravens are a handsome bird. Your photos and haiku reflect that beautifully.


In Yin Yang circle the raven is the dark spot in the field of white and when it flies through to the field of black it leaves a hole so we can see the light spot.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love your post today. The photos are magical. Love the haiku. Most especially I love the sky making love to the Earth all day.

Andrea Thompson

I would so love to see a raven, beautiful!!!! such magic in them.

Fran aka Redondowriter

You feature a raven and I highlight a peacock today. Have a wonderful weekend, Rebecca. I always enjoy our Fridays; you inspire us all.


You captured the flight beautifully and your words are provocative and I'm blushing. :-)


this playful haiku and words delight me today. there is something other-worldly, playful, and ominous about the raven. in my neck of the woods i often see ravens pestering red tailed hawks along the coast line. thank you for maintaining your haiku community for us all to enjoy. xxo


To think of nature making love all around us.... what a wonderful way to conceptualize our world, and how different we might be if we were to remember that this is, indeed, the nature of lfe! Thank you once again for pointing out the beauty that surrounds us!


I have shared a new set of haiku.


Amazing haiku Rebecca,. I am sharing mine too, It inspired me to choose peacock as my subject this week.!


Love your haiku Rebecca! I came here today (Saturday morning - European time) to make my 'haiku round', but the links are all gone... so sorry to see something went wrong. I will try to visit as much names/persons as I can remember... to all the others: see you next time! Love, Marit


I love those birds :) yours seem very adventurous! I can see him fly in my mind already hehe. :)

And the updates of my little jackbird will follow next week!

Have a great weekend x

Asni /A Walk In My Heart

Things are always heating up at recuerda mi corazon and I always leave with happy feelings after coming here. Have a beautiful weekend!

peggy gatto

I missed last friday!!!!
Glad to be back with you all!
Not only do I love to see ravens, but I love the sound of the word

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