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June 14, 2012


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Ramesh Sood

Let us live sudddenly oh, yes, let us...

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love the photograph and haiku. Live suddenly? You mean there's no dress rehearsal?

Fran aka Redondowriter

Summer, welcome! Is this your son, by any chance? Near Idyllwild, CA there is a lake with a big rock that kids jump off of all the time. Me? Not a jumper but I'm sure ready to live suddenly and until the end of time.

Anthony North

Excellent metaphor with the pic.

Miss Robyn

that water scene makes me positively frozen! we have chilly weather right now in Katoomba.. I am revelling in it. love it!


Ah!!! Taking the for thought!! Have a wonderful weekend! Cathy


"let's live suddenly... feet first plunge" I LOVE this, Rebecca! Oh, that remember to live every day in such a way! And thank you for visiting my extra, art blog... How as your first week with Bloom True been? It's been great fun. I can' wait to paint more today! :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, sometimes it's so hard to take the plunge!


Your photo and haiku are summer, itself!!

I liked the metaphor of 'taking the plunge!'


It's been ages since I jumped in the water... your haiku inspires me to try if I am still as brave as I used to be as a girl... hmmmm, feet first you say?


It is heating up. Next week is the Summer Solstice already! This is a wonderful reminder. I mention the seasons often, as do others. This is the time to enjoy the one we're in and let the others show themselves when it's time.


Carol (artmusedog)

such wonderful and expressive haiku ~ love them both ~ thanks for hosting and wishing you a wonderful weekend ~namaste, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

Kim Mailhot

Living suddenly and in this one precious good !
The summer is still working its way here but I so love your image of this plunge into it. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, Beautiful Heart.
Big, glorious love to you !


you R the best at this living*now*thing!

i believe in Everything!
sometimes feet first,
sometimes head first!

i do
i do

{{ last night i dreamed of Chaucer...

i know! i know!
dreams can B so weird...
Go Figure... }}

I am more than impressed with your artworks, your words, your photos, et al.....I think you are one of the most talented people I have ever had the privilege of "knowing"......and I love 'live suddenly' important


I embrace living in the moment, and your haiku speaks to that so beautifully.

peggy gatto

I usually stick my big toe in first.....


I'm jumping Rebecca... I'm jumping with all my heart... XO


I LOVE this image...speaks to unfettered summer!


Sue Fox

I'm 'suddenly' believing in love all the more, I'm ready to jump! Well nearly ;~) x


oh these brazen feet
yes - dancing in light and love
I am twenty three...

on the wishbone,

xox - eb.


23 AND 24
always re-fresh...

xox - eb.


I found this very inspirational and full of faith! Wishing you a great start to summer!


Living recklessly.
I'm gonna do it. I promise, r.



Very nice picture, let this summer plunge you in a ocean of joy, yeah, I have linked my haiku that hopes to save our world!

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