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June 18, 2012


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Adriana Esqueda

Went to the site of the Canada de la Virgen and found the pictures very impressive and so beautiful. Incredible that after all this time these marvels still exist. It was neat to read how they were used to study the sky and when the rain collected in the opening how they marveled at the image of the heavens.

Miss Robyn

just wondering how us overseas can contribute as I cannot write checks to send?

Miss Robyn

I sent a small donation - wish it were more. last year, I was a lucky winner of a hooked rug, which hangs proudly in my hearth room. and while I would love, love to win the heart or another rug - the most important thing is that i have an opportunity to help someone else.

Sue Fox

I too was a lucky winner like Robyn. When I received my Daisy the cow rug I was delighted not only with the rug but also to think I had a tangible connection to women who are working towards something that was going to make a difference to their whole community, this is special. Everyday I see that rug on my window ledge and think of our worldwide sisterhood!.

Who knows maybe you will get lucky and win a Daisy rug of your own and if you are really lucky you may even get Rebecca's treasured silver heart!!! x

Hettienne Grobler

Dear Rebecca, kindly send me the PayPal details. I have also shared this event with my readers on both Her Grace by Devata and The Path of Divine Love.

Kim from IMGIRL

Rebecca, I found you through my friend Hettienne's blog: Her Grace by Devata. I would like to make a donation through paypal. Please let me know how to do that. I would love to win but we go through this world once and when we are called to help and we can in whatever way we can, we can't let that chance go by, it is a tragedy. I am currently having some heart problems and I don't want anything to go by in this world that could be a blessing for someone else.
Glad to have found your site.
Please send paypal details. Thank you
from Imgirl

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