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June 21, 2012


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Thinking of Gemma and praying for her.


Oh my Gosh...I will go see what is going on :(

Kim Mailhot

Adding my love and light to yours,...for Gemma.
Love to you too, beautiful !


Well, I'm a bit SLOW... Rebecca-can you take this link down and I will add it when you put the haikus up!

Oops. Happy accident, though, because I am going to read all the Gemma posts and pray for her! :D

Lisa Swifka

Rebecca nothing works better than the voice of collective love...especially in a chain of them!!

Lisa Swifka

oops forgot to fill out the info


Just exquisite!!! Brilliant and warm!!!

Carroll Louann

Pure beauty... My thoughts and prayers.

Carol (artmusedog)

On my recent post (for Friday) asking to keep Gemma in your heart, thoughts and prayers ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)


Gemma is always in my prayers...more frequenly now. Thank you Rebecca for hosting this love fest. ♥♥♥


dearest rebecca...YOU are so kind. Thank you for this. All the kind thoughts and prayers have helped immensely. LOVE you so much you are most precious. xx


I have had our friend Gemma on my mind ever since I heard she was struggling. I send these positive thoughts and prayers in her direction. As they pass through, grab what you need. The good for one is meant for all that need it.


caterina giglio

sending much love with thoughts and prayers that all be well.. xx

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