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June 16, 2012


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Wherever did you find this amazing little Indigo child. She is truly a gift to the senses. what a wonderful film. She seems to not only enjoy painting but to be fully, physically and emotionally engaged in artistic expression, using her body as a vehicle as well as her brush. How wonderful that her parents are so supportive of her endeavors. Thanks for sharing this rebecca!


She seems such an old soul. Amazing.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I've seen this video. Isn't she amazing? I'd love to meet her parents.

Laurie Zuckerman

Fascinating child. And she has the most amazing studio. Wonder if her parents are artists. She has so many canvases and paints. Not sure what I feel about the art, but I definitely appreciate her love and spirit for painting.


A little Flora...

That space! The video is amazing isn't it.

I have a post for postcards today. I didn't link as I felt I needed to just say it, but if you'd like to share for postcards that would be wonderful.


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