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May 01, 2012


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Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Instant beauty. In your words and in the bird.


i mean it dear hummingbird, your gift with words is equal to your gift with paint and mosaics and photography and and... xoxo

Sue Fox

Such a wonderful gift to wake up this morning finding your beauty in words and form here, sigh.... I ask again, have you captured all of this, your gift, in book-form? If you don't want to say that's alright, I suppose I might find out some day, but it would be lovely to behold and hold!


A masterpiece.Sue is right your words would be lovely to hold. please publish.
my love to you


I sitting here at OHSU watching some gorgeous birds going in and out of the river and the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds and I just knew I had to come and say thank you for yesterday. You too are all that and more to me. Don't ever forget it.

(I hope my iPad get this to you, otherwise just read it with your heart. Much love.)

Queenie Believe

Amazing post and photos! A perfect blend of revelation in a moment in time.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


and we stay forever young drawing joy from this flight...

great catch my dear!


Rebecca, thank you for stopping by. Your blog just became "mandatory read." I going through this path of self discovery and transformation and your blog is like water.


Your poem and pictures making me weightless, took me for a nice flight. Made me realize for few moments, body is not mine.

Thank you Rebecca.

Please do visit my blog. Will make me fee good.

Betty Manousos

hi rebecca, i am amazed at your talents in photography/poetry.

thanks for the inspiration!

wish you a great day!


Painting all morning...and the canvas talking--that's a good day! I so much resonate with this, Rebecca. :o) Lovely to catch up with you after being away for some days. ((HUGS))


Once again you have become one with nature... and have managed to weave us in to this beauty. Lovely!

brian miller

nice...i love that...walk straight into the arms of life...and breathing in that moment with all its colours...smiles...there is peace in that...


Beautiful words and photos!


The whole work was beautiful but I especially like.....

"like the haunting song that coloured sharp your visitation when you lept back into the boundless sky"

imperfect prose

the stark realization this body is not mine to keep forever;

this piece slayed me. i am torn between wanting to go paint, and wanting to take a walk in nature. a beautiful ode to the soul.

tara pohlkotte

oh, i love this all. but this?

looking bruised and blood stained

as they rise from a tangle of glory

yes. gah. you got it. all of it here.

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