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May 07, 2012


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It looks like you live in an amazing place.
I try to like the Herons, yes they are majestic.....but they eat all my fish!!
I am torn about them.


Rebecca, you always present us with the loveliest pictures and the gentlest flow of words. I always feel inspired to go out and do something great after I visit here.


We don't have blue herons here. We have egrets and of course many seabirds. There may be herons but I have not seen them. He is altogether beautiful. His wingspan is glorious. You were right to wait for it. It is like a prayer moving toward paradise. the film is wonderful as well. I enjoyed watching the family life of herons, something one would never normally have the opportunity to witness. thank you, rebecca :)


We are lucky to live here in the southwest and see the migration of birds during changing seasons. Lee and I have binoculars and an Ornithology book at the front door. (we are Nerds)Since we feed the wild birds we see a lot of different birds. Never any blue herons here in the city though.
:-) They are magnificent aren't they?


Rebecca! This would actually be a great post for Nature Notes where you just visited me...did you link?

What is even cooler is Michelle's actual site at ramblingwoods. I am so impressed with her. She is taking an active role in preserving Monarch butterflies, frogs, bats and fireflies. I think she is really educating and inspiring people! If you end up going there and you have a minute, take a look at all she is involved with - it was a whole new (cool!) world for me!

Tina´s PicStory

just beautiful! :)


we have a great blue at our lake too (he is ancient and venerable.) but i've never seen a nest, let alone a livecam on a nest! WONDERFUL. thanks for letting me in on it :)


How I love Heron...and wow! how you captured this beauty. We have a nesting Osprey at the nearby fairgrounds. They have installed a camera, so fascinating to is bringing fish and I think there is an egg or two.

I have been overwhelmed!!! happy to be able to catch up!

Rambling Woods

Welcome to Nature Notes Rebecca..I just took some time to look through your blog and it is amazing. You are very talented and a nature lover for sure. I live on a pond and love the waterfowl and the herons. We have both green and great blues and last fall we had to rescue a great blue who had become ensnared in fishing line. That was something. It was able to get to a rehabber and they were able to remove the line and release the bird...If you want info on milkweed, Monarch Watch.Org has a lot of info and the seeds are easy to collect and plant....Michelle

soho stitch

Simply beautiful - thank you


I love all the commotion these wonderful creatures create as they land and take off
you have captured that so beautifully


you may wish to visit the cornell university ornithology website...they have 2 live stream cameras in a blue heron nest....i have not been for a couple days but it has been real life drama and beauty...xo

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