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May 27, 2012


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how beautiful, each and every memorial here. I am memorializing in living painting the beauty of the hot white flame.


Sue Fox

My memories are precious like the flowers of the field they are more precious than silver or gold. My dad called me his little 'bud', I loved this I felt so special!


''' to live life fully '''

i strive to ~live life fully~
each day,
finding my effort
become a sweet habit
along my journey...

{{ i wonder when
that happened? }}


After reading this I went outside to bird-watcher Lee and cried. Thank you Rebecca for honoring my special memories.
love you.


This is such a special post Rebecca, so touching to read all these powerful memories and tributes written by people I have come to "know" and think of fondly through your blog. Sometimes I think it is the "third death" that we fear most of all.

Carol (artmusedog)

Rebecca ~ wonderful post ~ i had posted last night and had already included 'memories of boating with my husband and feeling I was in paradise when out on the ocean ~ To the memories of all 'our ancestors' ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

You honour me greatly wise woman. Sage of The Way.


One of the reasons I like to visit old cemetaries is so I can visit the resting places of those who have long passed through the third door of death. We never know how long a soul needs prayers after the body has departed.

Miss Robyn

a friend of mine died recently - broke my heart.. and yesterday, I visited another friend who is elderly and frail.. I came home feeling loss and fear of change.. it stays with me today..
my post is not so much about this.. but an offering from my heart.. plus a little gift to someone who would like it. xoxo

Miss Robyn

ps - I had not heard of Memorial Day.. but my loved ones who have gone are never far from my heart. xoxo

Meri @ Meri's Musings

What an exquisite post!


This is beautiful and full of love and blessings ~ Thank you ~

Magical Mystical Teacher

Thank you for including me, Rebecca. I am honored, and I send blessings your way!


Lucky 13! Oh my, this is 3rd time lucky! You saw my linky went to Haiky Fri and then my second went to an incorrect post 2011 but now i have it sorted - though not sure what went on on the other 2 - but now its mid evening - ahhh as long as it comes from the heart.

Memorial Day - we in Canada do this in Oct (all Hallows) and Nov Rememberance Day - so i love to have another opportunity here! Thx!


This is deeply moving, rebecca. I was listening to stories on NPR today of people's losses of men-in-arms. Some of the most poignant stories. These little narratives, sacred moments you have shared are so poignant, like small prayers or a gathering of St. Theresa's little flowers. Lovely. Thank you. I have posted something about loss as well, not personal but you will understand.


I am sorry for such a palada - the correct link is no 13 not 11 Thx.

This post moves me..



This has opened my heart and deepened my day... Spirit feels close, indeed. Thank you, Rebecca, as always.


Thank you for taking the time, the thought, for guiding us all to look into our hearts, for taking us by the hand and pointing out the small miracles.


what a powerful and beautiful post of remembrance

Helen Campbell

Your prose always moves me, Rebecca! What a wonderful remembrance you have created. Thank you for including my Grandma Rose.

Karen Gerstenberger

Thank you for all of the love in this posting. It is a true memorial gathering, and a gift.

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